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Boohoo is selling a velvet 'Wrap Me Up' BOW… that they're calling 'sleepwear'

But according to Boohoo, we should actually be wearing thonged bows to bed.

  • Natalie velvet wrap me up bow, £11.20 from Boohoo – buy now

The retailer is selling a bizarre "Wrap Me Up" bow, which is essentially an asymmetric strip of velvet fabric that attaches to a boob tube.

The material reaches from the shoulder down to a thong bottom, while the horizontal top features a statement oversized bow.

It comes in either red or black – so if you really want to, you can snap up two.

While we think the all-in-one looks like one of the most uncomfortable things you could wear, Boohoo is actually marketing it as sleepwear.

Under the piece's "Style Notes", you'll find the words: "Take nights in up a notch with our silky soft sleepwear.

"You'll be saying no to nights out when you see our snuggle-worthy sleepwear and luxe loungewear."

To be fair, we don't think the brand is expecting anyone to choose it for a casual night in front of the television.

For the sake of the poor wearer, we hope it comes off quickly…

Fancy dressing yourself up like a Christmas present this festive season?

The piece usually retails at £14, but Boohoo is currently offering 20 per cent off womenswear.

This means you can add it to your wardrobe for just £11.20.

One thing's for sure – it's definitely not one for Christmas morning with your folks.

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Boohoo is also selling £4 nipple covers that look like Christmas wreaths… and shoppers are VERY confused.

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