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SM Thomas, £8.99


LIFE is hard since humans destroyed the planet and moved to Earth Two – and it is only going to get tougher for Paige Hanson.

The President is dying and the powers that be reckon she is the only one who can save his life.

She intends to make sure he doesn’t survive.

As the doctor surrounds herself with trusted people, it becomes apparent the odds have never been higher, and it’s survival of the fittest again.

Fast-paced, twisty and dark.



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It is hard to guess what will happens next.


Sarah Ward, £9.99


LITTLE Huw Jones vanished from his bed- room on New Year’s Eve in 2011 while his dad and five pals partied downstairs.

Years later, Huw’s mum is found dead.

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Police consultant Mallory Dawson has the job of unpicking the lies that were told on the night the boy went missing.

But with so much at stake, someone is determined the truth won’t be discovered.

And Mallory could find herself in the firing line again.

An absorbing thriller that plays upon a parent’s worst fear.


Christopher Lloyd, £20


READING all about true events helps kids develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

This beautifully presented and informative book is a perfect gift for any fact-loving youngster.

They will learn about the big bang, life of dinosaurs, how humans came to rule the world, why war happens and the importance technology plays in all of our lives.

Brilliantly written and full of cool photos and pictures, this updated guide is a treat of a read.


Simon Scarrow, £22


ROMAN soldiers march again in this 22nd Eagles Of The Empire saga.

Rebellion rages as the warrior queen Boudicca threatens Roman cities.

Prefect Cato leads his men in the army of Governor Suetonius on a desperate march to save them.

He worries for his friend, centurion Macro, who vanished in the bloodbath at Camulodunum (Colchester).

Here, Roman discipline clashes with ferocious hordes in Scarrow’s epic mix of sword, sweat and savagery.

  • Bill Todd

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