Ben Affleck's bad habit makes it 'remarkable' J-Lo got back with him & how she'll really feel about it, expert reveals | The Sun

JENNIFER Lopez secretly longs for Ben Affleck to quit his chronic nicotine habit, a celebrity smoking cessation expert has claimed.

But he thinks that while the singer's new husband is hooked on cigarettes, she won't nag him to stop.

In an exclusive interview award-winning hypnotherapist Max Kirsten told The U.S Sun: “It must be challenging because Ben and J-Lo have this extraordinary love story where they've got back together, married and merged their two families.

“It’s remarkable that despite Ben’s chronic and entrenched smoking habit, that they're somehow making this work.

“It's really tough if one person in a relationship is putting up with someone who's still smoking and loves them very dearly.

“Deep down, J-Lo will be hoping that Ben’s going to quit smoking very soon, but she won't be putting pressure on him.”

Over the past few decades 50-year-old Ben has been spotted out and about smoking and usually when traipsing around Hollywood.

And while it's been frequent, he's also been snapped smoking early on in the morning, while wearing a facemask and later into the day.

Similarly, the two-time Academy Award and Oscar winner has been known to calm his nerves with a cigarette during movie making hours on set.

Amazingly back in 2005 and Ben said he'd stopped: "I finally decided to quit smoking when I was gonna have a child. 

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Before adding: “That was the thing that sort of put it over the top for me."

But since then and after he became J -Lo’s fourth husband it appears Ben never successfully kicked his persistent smoking habit.

J-Lo on the other hand has always been extremely health conscious and looks to have only smoked when she played the character of Ramona in the movie Hustlers.

At the time she said: “Sometimes I smoked one of the cigarettes and stayed in the mindset of Ramona.

“Of all the props that the prop master bought me there was a blinged out lighter that I would hold every day.”

Since J-Lo and Ben rekindled their romance the happy couple is often seen draped over each other at red carpet events or on their regular and cozy neighborhood outings.

In fact, their new and seemingly successfully blended familyhas also seen Ben tenderly caring for J -Lo’s 14-year-old twins, Emme and Max.

This is as well as his own children Violet, 17, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10 who he share's with Jennifer Garner.

"Ben's clearly in the middle of a long-term cigarette addiction, but I'm sure he wants to give up," adds Max.

“He hasn't yet found a lasting way to quit and likely can't imagine being happy without smoking.

"Ben doesn't know how he’d cope with life without a cigarette in his hand any more.

“A lot of smokers don't respond well to pressure and so it's key that the partner is gently encouraging rather than negatively telling them off.

“J-Lo would be encouraging Ben to do more regular exercise to avoid unwanted weight gain from slower metabolism and comfort eating.

"She should be asking him to take up better stress management techniques and ultimately encourage him to seek professional help.

"But she'd be thinking of ways for him to find a healthy replacement.

“Despite how she feels, J-Lo wouldn't be putting pressure on Ben because smokers can get very defensive and they don't like it.

“Obviously Ben's probably going to have ashtray breath even after cleaning his teeth.

“Most partners with small children worry because we know the second hand smoke thing is real and it’s harmful.

“No matter how much you gargle and clean your teeth, it's still coming out of the lungs

“For Ben and J -Lo I think the other key for them is that he's a super bright guy, but doesn't know how to cope with being himself.

“He has one of the most wonderful and beautiful wives’ in the whole world and she’ll be worrying about his health.

“It'd be crazy for Ben to carry on smoking and risk not being around for all his loved ones.

“Addiction is giving up everything for one thing, and recovery is giving up one thing for everything.

“It'll be such a shame for Ben and J-Lo if he doesn’t quit smoking.”

Max, who has supported celebrities including Tom Hardy, Ewan McGregor, Adele and Liam Payne, has created an award-winning app to help smokers quit nicotine remotely.

"If Ben followed my approach of NLP and CBT combined with the advanced hypnotherapy session recordings like Ewan did, he'd be astonished by the quit nicotine freedom process.

"I'd probably recommend that Ben set up a one-to-one zoom session, including hypnotherapy online, combined with using my app for the next month.

"The app also has a calculator that would let him know how many days he's quit for and all the benefits.

“With long-term chronic smokers like Ben is, when smoking has become so entrenched, how to deal with life on life’s terms is a long term process.

"He has had some stress challenges with his relationships, and in his private life, plus his work must be unbelievably stressful

"But with a better, healthier way to get comfortable, Ben can come to terms with all that without needing to smoke.

"Learning better blood sugar management is one of the essential keys of quitting smoking.

"The journey of quitting smoking and more importantly how to stay stopped is the real journey which he'd have to learn to do on his own.

"This would have to be without J-Lo's input.

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“People with addictive personalities and sensitivities are probably more profoundly physically addicted and psychologically addicted to smoking.

"Quitting smoking is always a much harder process for them."

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