Anorexic teen once 'too bony to sit down' goes viral with incredible transformation pics just one year on

AN ANOREXIC Scot who was once "too bony too sit down" has gone viral after sharing pictures of her dramatic improvement.

Danielle King, 19, was diagnosed with the illness just over a year ago, aged 17, but has bravely battled back to better health.

Her 'before' picture shows her rib cage visible as well as her arms looking incredibly bony.

In contrast, her today picture shows her looking glowing, much happier and healthier.

Danielle, from Edinburgh, told Fabulous Digital: "I cant really pinpoint a start date because I didn't really notice it myself.

"But it all just started off with a girls holiday and I thought it was just a simple little diet but I felt in control and then it just sort of got too far."

She added: "It changed my life really. I was just really lonely, I would be constantly out exercising and stuff. I would always be out walking or running myself and it was just really wrong. I was physically and mentally drained.

"I was taking in less than 500 calories a day. I always thought I was confident in my own skin, with my body, but I’ve always found myself to be the chubby one of the group so I just wanted to look good for the girl’s holiday. I never actually ended up going on holiday because I was too ill."

"I was so bony that it was really uncomfortable. I couldn't even sit for long because of my tailbone, and it was really uncomfortable for sleeping."

A friend was the first to point out they were worried about Danielle and she began to seek medical help.

She says that coupled with the support of loved ones has been one of the driving factors in her journey.

She added: "I think the main thing was the support from my family and friends and stuff.

"I went to the Cullen Centre which is a clinic for eating disorders. I was seeing a therapist weekly, and a dietician and a doctor.

"It got me on the right track and stuff. They were brilliant with me – I still see them but just not as much.

"I still have bad days because I’m not completely there yet, but it’s just a work in progress that hopefully I get over soon. I’m not there yet but I’m still really proud of myself and how far I’ve come. Onwards and upwards."

The Edinburgh teen hopes to act as an inspiration to anyone going through dark times with an eating disorder, which was one of the reasons behind her social media post.

I was so bony that it was really uncomfortable. I couldn't even sit for long because of my tailbone.

Her before and after post has has almost 2,000 likes on Facebook and she said she has been blown away by the response.

She said: "I want to inspire others. My therapist said in order to help others I had to get better myself first.

"I always wanted to reach out to people but the people that I reached out to told me what I wanted to hear but not what I needed to hear.

"So i just feel like I can relate so much and what I can tell other people what they need to hear.

"I wasn't expecting the response I got. So many people have messaged me with their story and i just feel overwhelmed with it all."

If you, or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder visit beat for free help and advice.  

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