All the clues Princess Charlene & Albert of Monaco are living separately… after claims she’s ‘paid £10m a YEAR to stay’ | The Sun

IN fairy-tales, princesses live happily ever after with their Prince Charming.

But real life can be far more complex and challenging. 

No one understands that better than Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco – whose turbulent marriage has had more twists and turns than a Hollywood blockbuster. 

The couple’s problems started over 12 years ago, when the stunning ex-Olympic swimmer reportedly tried to flee Monaco THREE TIMES in the run-up to their lavish £53million wedding.

Since then the 45-year-old’s rocky romance with the prince – who’s the son of Hollywood icon Grace Kelly – has been dogged by scandal. 

Charlene's reported desire to free herself from the shackles of marriage have sparked speculation about her alleged secret suffering behind palace walls. 


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Last year French media outlet Voici claimed the mother-of-two is being paid "£10.2million a year" to return to public life and fulfil her role as consort as part of an "ultra-confidential contract" .

Now an insider has sensationally alleged she is “living in Switzerland and only sees her husband by appointment” for ceremonial reasons.

While the couple have never admitted their marriage is troubled, body language expert Judi James says their photos tell a different story. 

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, she says: “Charlene was rumoured to be the first royal runaway bride.

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Princess Charlene and Albert's marriage has been dogged by scandal for yearsCredit: AFP

"In the end it was reported her passport was taken off her by Prince Albert’s entourage so she would have to go through with the day. 

“Who can forget those difficult pictures of her crying on her wedding day – and they didn’t look like tears of joy. 

“After that her body language has always attracted speculation, especially when she is pictured with Albert.

“Recently she has looked haunted and isolated, and her formal appearances – which are rare – have looked increasingly stilted. 

Charlene's body language has always attracted speculation, especially when she is pictured with Albert

“While the pair do not have the open hostility or rejection signals shown by Princess Diana and then-Prince Charles during the end of their appearances together, they do look awkward and out of sync. 

“To me, their marriage appears to be a facade, and I wonder how much longer they can keep it up.”

Here Judi reveals the body language clues which she claims are tell-tale signs Princess Charlene and Albert of Monaco are living separate lives…

Nov 2021: Clingy and exaggerated fondness

Charlene spent most of 2021 away from her husband and children in South Africa, battling a mystery health problem.

When she returned to Monaco in November, the pair tried to put on a united front as they posed for the first time in two years together in a snap uploaded to their Instagram page. 

But their poses were overkill – with Charlene either clinging to her husband like a needy limpet or posing apart from Albert with the children.

Here she is trying to contain her husband and her children in one awkward-looking embrace.

Her arm is around Albert and her fingers are pressed into his neck in a gesture of exaggerated fondness and ownership.

It’s a clingy and rather needy pose and Albert looks uncomfortable. He is smiling awkwardly with his hands in a self-protective fig-leaf pose rather than reciprocating.

April 2022: Distant and unhappy

This pose at the Formula One Monaco GP in 2022 is a signature one as a family group, with Charlene looking isolated, sad and troubled.

Albert is trying to take control of the situation by standing to attention holding his son’s hand, while Charlene stands further back and behind her daughter, looking down and unhappy.

She looks distant, distracted and as if she doesn’t want to be there, but is going through the motions for the sake of the cameras.

May 2023: Anxious and out of sync

Their rare formal appearances are increasingly showing the couple are struggling and lacking synchronicity. 

In this picture of the couple after the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco in May 2023, Charlene is standing away from Albert looking statuesque, with her arms hanging awkwardly at her sides.

Meanwhile Albert is clasping his hands in front of his torso.

These non-verbal signals suggest tension here.

What’s more, the pair appear to be anxious – with Albert’s thumbs picking at each other and Charlene’s inner hand finger-fiddling. 

May 2023: Unconvincing 'touching'

The couple are clearly trying to create a united, royal image in this picture taken at the Coronation Reception For Overseas Guests at Buckingham Palace in May.

But actual video footage showed some unconvincing touching and large gaps between the pair.

When Prince William and Kate Middleton stand apart during royal visits, they make up for it by mirroring each other or being perfectly choreographed. 

But when Albert did try to protectively place an arm around his wife’s waist, it hovered awkwardly and didn’t actually appear to touch her.

He was trying to perform a tie-sign – a small tap that celebrity and royal couples often use to choreograph their movements when they appear together in public – but failed to do so convincingly. 

July 2023: Fake smiles

Last month the pair attended the Red Cross Ball in Monaco.

Charlene dressed in cream, emulating a bridal look – prompting a wedding-style picture where couples clasp one another’s arms while standing close together.

This is a PR-curated image to try and make them look unified.

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But despite their apparent closeness, their smiles look forced and his hand is balled into a tense-looking fist, while her fingertips are pressed into his arm, suggesting both feel under pressure.

These signals of tension could be created by pressure to perform for the cameras, but their awkward non-verbal signs suggest they’re uncomfortable and want out.

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