Alec Baldwin’s Favorite Outfit for Wife Hilaria Is ‘Nothing at All’

Baring it all! Alec Baldwin’s idea of the perfect outfit for wife Hilaria doesn’t include a t-shirt and jeans or a fancy dress, instead the actor prefers “nothing at all,” the “Mom Brain” podcast host reveals to Us in an exclusive new interview.

“I would say his favorite outfit is basically nothing at all,” Baldwin, 36, tells Stylish while celebrating the launch of of her mommy and me headbands with Lele Sadoughi.

“He’s the kind of husband who just compliments you all the time. He’s not somebody that ever makes me feel worried about my appearance,” the mom of five continues.

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“Even if I look like a truck hit me in the morning because I’ve been up with the baby and my hair is crazy, he always tells me, ‘You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.’ We all know that maybe that’s not true, but I’ll take it at 5 o’clock in the morning when I have drool on my face and covered in breast milk,” she adds.

However, when she does get dressed for the day, Baldwin relies on comfortable staples, which are perfect for her on-the-go lifestyle.

“I would say my style is pretty simple and no-fuss, especially in quarantine. … I like to be cozy. … I don’t want to feel like I can’t move or else I feel awkward and I don’t feel like myself,” she explains.

“I want to wear things where I’m not worried about bringing them to the dry cleaner. I wear a lot of cottons because that’s just the easiest to put in the wash.”

“I used to complain about dressing up and Alec would joke and say, ‘You can’t wear yoga pants to this one,’ even though I’d pair them with cute boots, a sweater and a jacket depending on the season,” the Living Clearly Method author shares.

“Now I look at my dresses, especially since I’m not pregnant anymore, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god. It’d be so fun to dress up!’”

To amp up her outfits in the meantime, the Spain native relies on headbands and jewelry for a polished look.

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“We all loved headbands when we were growing up and Lele reinvented them to make them feel new and fresh and go with everything. … Whether you have an amazing blowout and your hair looks really great or it doesn’t, a headband makes you feel more put together. I wear them a lot in the summer because you can just get out of the pool and throw one on and in the winter, you can take off your hat and put one on to avoid hat hair,” she notes.

As for her go-to baubles: “I have my rings that I wear every day including my wedding ring and I always wear a little bracelet that I never take off. I have a necklace that has five tiny diamonds on it to represent my kids and then I love a nice little pair of earrings or hoops.”

Although Baldwin is always dressed to the nines, don’t expect the yoga instructor to give the Saturday Night Live star, 62, fashion tips any time soon.

“Alec has his very own way of dressing and he’s very into it. I’ll joke, ‘Do you know how many times I was on Us Weekly’s best dressed list?’” she teases.

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“I was telling him the other day that he gave me such a hard time for wearing yoga pants and now he wears Lululemon pants all the time. It’s like when couples start to be like each other. …We have spent a lot of time together over the past decade!”

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