Aldi have amazing dupe for £150 Tom Ford designer perfume – even perfume experts are impressed | The Sun

THOUGH they smell sweet, it's hard not to turn your nose up at the price tag with designer scents.

Rather than splurge, there an Aldi alternative that is coming to a checkout near you – and it's less than a fiver!

If you’ve been on Tiktok, you’ll be well aware that the German supermarket is famous for its dupes – which cost just a fraction of the original price.

From Rare Beauty blush to Olapex, Aldi seem to have an alternative for just about every brand and its middle aisle has become a destination for beauty lovers.

Though influencers rave about these incredible dupes, they are often sold out long before you’ve gotten your purse out.

However, there is a new beauty-must-have about to hit the shelves and you even have a few weeks’ notice.  

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According to Grazia, the supermarket’s Pure Noir perfume is virtually identical to a classic Tom Ford scent: Black Orchid.

Part of Aldi’s Lacura Hotel Collection, the dupe has a musky and rich scent – which is perfect for the winter months.

Just like the high-end perfume, Pure Noir also has notes of vanilla, jasmine and luxurious truffle too.

Whilst the Tom Ford version retails for a staggering £188, the supermarket swap will cost just £4.99 and you can add it to your weekly shop.

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Even more amazingly, the budget beauty item has yet to be released and will appear on shop floors from November 30th – meaning you should have plenty of notice before stocking up.

It’s not the only designer dupe that shoppers should be on the lookout for on their next trip to the supermarket.

In fact, Aldi are restocking their shelves of their most coveted beauty dupes in the run up to Christmas.  

Among the classics returning to the middle aisle is the supermarket’s Fabulash Lash Serum, which is said to be a dupe for the coveted Revitalash serum.

Though the high end product will set you back nearly £100 per tube, Aldi’s alternative will cost just £4.99.

There’s even a dupe for Dior’s lip oil (£32) in the November restock, with the supermarket substitute retailing for only £3.99 and comes in either clear or pink.

If you weren’t lucky if to get your hands on Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits (£22.40), you can also find a cheaper dupe for just £4.99 alongside the avocados.

Even Lancome's classic Touche Eclat concealer (£29) has a dupe at Aldi, with the supermarket’s starting from as little as £3.99.

For those looking for a little skincare during the harsh winter months, Aldi also has you covered.

After selling out of their Elemis Pro-collagen cleansing balm dupe, the supermarket has restocked their £6.99 version – which is a steal compared to the £46 original.

If you weren’t already sold, there Aldi alternative also comes with added rose oil to help you banish those winter blues.

Just like the perfume dupe, these exceptional alternatives can also be found in the middle aisle from November 30th.

Sounds like you’ll need to do a supermarket sweep in the next few weeks.

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