After I'm A Celeb's Vernon reveals he didn't have first kiss until 6th form, Rhian Sugden & Linda Lusardi relive theirs

VERNON KAY didn’t have his until he was in sixth form, Victoria Derbyshire’s burped in her face, and Giovanna Fletcher’s was her best friend’s boyfriend!

Earlier this week, the I’m A Celeb campmates revealed all the sordid, sensual and silly details of their first ever kisses ­– a moment we all remember.

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Here, five famous faces recall the first time they locked lips.

‘We didn’t come up for air’

Actress Linda Lusardi’s lips were red raw after a marathon kissing session.

She says: My first kiss was with this boy called Ian who I had a real love-hate relationship with.

The first attempt was when I was about 11 and we were walking back from school together. He said: “Let’s cut back through the park.”

Before I knew it we were sat on a bench and out of nowhere he came at me for a kiss. Awkwardly, our heads bashed and it became more of a peck on the cheek.

It seemed like it was a snap decision from him, where he obviously wanted to get his first kiss over with.

The earth definitely didn’t move for me, and after that I didn’t see him for quite a while. But then he asked me out again when I was 14. We saw The Aristocats at Enfield cinema.


Throughout the day he was holding my hand, but it wasn’t until we were waiting for the No29 bus to go home that sparks flew.

He turned to me and we ended up having a full-on snog that went on, and on, and on. My lips were red raw because we didn’t come up for air for ten minutes.

However, it wasn’t very romantic and for the next week my lips needed covering in ChapStick because they were so dry.

We never spoke again after that, and both avoided each other at school. We were both so embarrassed.

‘It was like a washing machine’

Former Page 3 girl Rhian Sugden worked up the courage to have her first snog during a game of spin the bottle.

She says: It was awkward to say the least. I was 15 and it was in a game of spin the bottle –  a game that I had avoided for so long, being a kissing novice.

I was a bit of an ugly duckling. I was a nerd at school, the type who was in the chess club and a fan of homework.

I felt like all my friends had kissed boys and left me behind.

The pressure built up and I’d get so nervous and make an excuse any time kissing games were played. But my best friend talked me into playing. She kept telling me I needed to get it over and done with.

There were about ten of us in an abandoned mill car park, spinning an empty bottle of White Lightning cider.


The bottle lands on me and a boy called Rob who was in the year below me at school. He was cute but I’d never fancied him.

The kiss was forced, wet and despite my nerves I’m almost certain I did a better job. He was like a washing machine on full spin.

Little did he know it was my first kiss, but he tried to come back for more later that night so I can’t have done too badly.

Thankfully, after I’d got that first kiss out of the way, I got into the swing of things.

‘It was close to perfect’

Writer and broadcaster Katie Glass’s first kiss was the “most romantic of her life”.

She says: I was about 13 and on a family caravan holiday in France when I saw the most beautiful boy.

He was a cool, basketball-playing 14-year-old with French swagger and a sandy curtain haircut (like Gareth from The Office). A Nineties dreamboat.

The moment I saw him all my teenage hormones woke up.

For the next week I sat by the swimming pool drinking Coke from a bottle through a straw, perving over him playing games with his mates. It never occurred to me to actually speak to him.

Then on the last night of our holiday, I saw him on the basketball court alone.


I was shocked when he called out my name. Shocked he knew it and because it was the first time I’d heard him speak and he wasn’t French but Northern.

I don’t remember if we spoke, just that suddenly we were kissing like it was the most natural thing in the world.

His lips were soft and he smelt of the beach. I stood on tiptoes with my hands around his neck for what seemed like the best hours of my life.

I skipped back to the caravan, floating. So this was love! Then the next day we left. As first kisses go, it was close to perfect.

‘I was better off with my pillow’

Presenter Jenny Powell was underwhelmed by her first time.

She says: I thought I’d be prepared for my first kiss, so from the age of 13 I practised kissing my pillow before I went to sleep most nights.

Being a pupil at an all-girls school, kissing a boy was a big deal. My hormones would give me butterflies at the thought of it, but make me want to vomit every time I saw a boy look at me.

But my first real kiss – we called it a Frenchie – was awkward and average with a lad from my youth club, Gary was his name.

I was 14 years old by then and had a year’s worth of snogging my pillow for experience.

To be honest, I got more from that pillow of mine than the sloppy tongue tango with 15-year-old Gary.


I was a scrawny, giddy girl from Ilford, with an eye for a nice boy from Chigwell, but our kissing method was hardly 50 shades of Essex.

We were shy and impatient while our approach was cocky and confident. I clutched his jumper and got stuck in, then out, then in, then out – it was a shocker.

We made great best friends but not great kissing partners.

Still, we had a few more kissing dates – just to make sure. But truth be known, I was better off with my pillow.

‘It was wet and gurgling’

For sex expert Alix Fox the local fairground rides were more fun on the night she had her first-ever kiss by the candyfloss stall.

She says: The first boy I snogged was called Adrian. It’s an anagram of “a drain”, which is suitable, because unfortunately that’s how he kissed . . . wet and gurgling!

I was 14 years old, on a night out at a visiting fairground that had set up in a local supermarket car park.

While I’m notoriously bold and gobby nowadays, at that age, I was pretty shy around guys.

So it took a lot of egging on from my mate Lucy for me to approach him after I spotted him standing by the candyfloss stand.

There was a bit of awkward chat, then before I knew it he’d launched his lips towards mine like he was lobbing a ball at a coconut shy, and his tongue was whirling around inside my mouth faster that the waltzers.


I was too nervous to move much, whereas he was frantically bobbing his head around, attacking my face as though he was taking part in a hotdog eating competition.

I remember having to wipe the slobber off my cheeks afterwards with the cuff of my Naf Naf jacket.

I went home with the alien taste of his spit in my mouth, and a slightly sad feeling in the pit of my stomach that my first ever smooch had been such a let down after I’d been “saving it up” for so long.

Not long afterwards, I dated my first boyfriend, Ben, who gave me a lot more kissing practice.

I got the dreamy, romantic moment I’d been pining for, too (well, sort of) when a rainbow came out above us while we were ravenously making out in the Northern drizzle round the back of TKMaxx one day.

Admittedly it was slightly spoiled by the fact that he’d just eaten a bag of Pickled Onion Monster Munch.

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