23 Reasons We're Refreshing Our Nap-Dress Collection For Fall

Whether you call it a nap dress or a house dress, the gist of this look is exactly how it sounds. It’s a loose-fitting design comfortable enough to lounge in — depending on the material, potentially even more comfortable than your sweats. This summer, we wore them in lightweight fabrics like linen, whether it was for a barefoot walk through the yard or to sit outside with a good book.

These dresses are made to make you feel restful but still romantic at the same time; stylish and sophisticated, but also effortless. As we continue to safely work from home this fall, this is exactly the type of mood-boosting dress we care to wear more of. Only this season, we’re searching for thicker fabrics, longer sleeves, and darker colorways or prints that come in autumnal tones. It’s true, you know, that dressing for the mood or moment can boost your self-esteem and encourage productivity.

Even though the nap dress, which basically looks like a very chic, beautiful nightgown, doesn’t exactly scream “get sh*t done,” wearing it might just give you enough confidence to do exactly that. Scroll through for a few fall-inspired moments in the nap/house dress, then shop our favorite pieces that are just as dreamy as the ones you wore all summer.

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