YG Parent-Shamed for Introducing and Asking 3-Year-Old Daughter to Smell Weed

‘When those CPS folks come to your house questioning how you raise your daughter don’t be mad,’ one individual says after watching a video of the rapper showing weed to his daughter Harmony.

AceShowbiz -It’s no secret that YG is a devoted parent to his daughter Harmony, though his recent video of the little girl has caused concern. In the video posted on Instagram Stories, the rapper could be seen introducing Harmony to weed, and this didn’t sit well with many people.

YG could be seen in the video asking Harmony, “Honey, what’s that?” as he pointed at a bag of weed in a container. The girl then happily took the weed and answered, “Broccoli.” This prompted the rapper to say, “That’s broccoli? Then why don’t you smell it?” Harmony did as told and still insisted that weed was “broccoli,” making YG giggle.

The “Mamacita” rapper might find the video cute, but the rest of the Internet didn’t think it was cute in the slightest bit. Instead, they proceeded to parent-shame YG because they believed that he shouldn’t introduce his daughter to such a thing when she is still so young. Some even predicted that the Child Protection Service might be involved at this rate.

“OMG isn’t this an CPS case ? Why would he ever think this is OK ? OMG the ignorance,” someone said. “When those CPS folks come to your house questioning how you raise your daughter don’t be mad,” another similarly wrote. “Teaching your child about drugs…Got it.. and this is who y’all say is a genius,” an individual commented.

There were some people who dubbed him “straight trash,” with one person adding, “This isn’t cute at all. And s**t like this hurts legalization so it’s really pissing me off. Just like alcohol weed is NOT for children legal or not!! Ugh!” Someone else called him “disgusting,” saying, “What about if she would have consumed that assuming that it was broccoli then what.”

YG hasn’t responded to the backlash.

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