White House Says Fighter Jets Did Not Shoot Down Aliens

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The White House is batting down any notion that what they shot out of the skies this weekend are of another world — but it’s still not entirely clear what we’re dealing with.

Press Sec. Karine Jean-Pierre briefly addressed this with the media Monday before clearing the podium for other Biden admin officials who discussed it further — and it was then that she said clear as day … these were not aliens.

Here’s her exact wording … “There is no indication of aliens or extra-terrestrial activity with these recent takedowns. Again, there is no indication of aliens or terrestrial activity with these recent takedowns.”

KJP went on to note that the administration had obviously been hearing a lot about it, but again stressed this wasn’t in the realm of “E.T.” What she didn’t clarify, however, was what the airborne objects actually were … neither did National Security official who followed her.

John Kirby — who serves on Biden’s National Security Council — said the U.S. had not yet fully and properly assessed what the latest downed objects are … and that they’re still out there collecting and studying to figure out the exact nature and origin of them.

What Kirby did reveal is still somewhat shrouded in mystery — apparently, these most recent UFOs had no discernable communication systems, no propulsion systems and no real maneuvering capabilities … and they were also unmanned. The government has also said they’re definitely not balloon-type crafts — but still can’t quite pin down a good description.

We had theoretical physicist Avi Loeb on TMZ Live Monday, who provided a little clarity and comfort to those worried about the UFOs from the weekend … telling us there’s nothing to be afraid of … at least not yet!

When asked again if the White House was sure these aren’t aliens, Kirby said he was … and left it at that. The President has since authorized an inter-agency team — consisting of the State Dept., the Defense Dept. and the Office of National Intelligence — to drill down deeper.

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