What's coming up on EastEnders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale?

A wedding thrown into chaos by an assault threat, an extremist conspiracy is revealed and TWO shock affairs hit screens – a look at what’s coming up in soapland this week


EastEnders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale look set to be packed with drama next week, as one wedding is thrown into turmoil and two shocking affairs are revealed.

As Albert Square marks 38 years on screen, viewers will be treated to a special episode focused on the women on Walford, with lives set to be shattered during a lock-in at the Queen Vic.

Over in Weatherfield, David Platt puts his marriage in jeopardy by trying to kiss his colleague Maria, after learning his son Max has been attacked in prison.

And in the Emmerdale village, Bernice and Bob’s grand B&B opening descends into chaos as their harpist is found dead, and they’re accused of having an affair.

So, MailOnline takes a look at the biggest storylines that are set grip viewers in soapland this week… 


What’s coming up on the soaps next week? David Platt will throw his marriage into crisis on Corrie when he drunkenly tries to kiss Maria Connor 

David Platt will throw his marriage into crisis next week when he drunkenly tries to kiss Maria Connor.

Weighed down by the news that his son Max Turner has been beaten up at the secure training centre, David reaches rock bottom in the upcoming scenes, and misreads the signals when Maria stops to comfort him.

In the upcoming episodes, David (Jack P Shepherd) becomes aware that Daniel (Rob Mallard) has been working in the STC, and asks him to find out how Max (Paddy Bever) is coping.

After being sentenced to a six-month stint, Max insisted that he didn’t want any contact from his family.

An STC officer, June, finds Max nursing facial injuries, and in the Rovers, David takes a call from her revealing that the teen has been attacked.

Finding David drunk and alone in Victoria Garden, Maria’s (Samia Longchambon) sympathetic but when David leans in for a drunken kiss, she orders him to go home. 

David pays Alya (Sair Khan) a visit and Shona (Julia Goulding) enters the restaurant, assuring him that from now on, they will face everything together.

Maria immediately comes clean to husband Gary Windass (Mikey North) about David’s attempts to kiss her, and he storms off to find him and Shona in the Rovers.

Worries: Weighed down by the news that his son Max Turner has been beaten up at the secure training centre, David reaches rock bottom

Oh dear! Immediately regretting his behaviour, David comes to clean to wife Shona about his behaviour, and it’s no surprise that she is furious, and announces she is leaving him

A mortified Shona is devasted and hurries out, and David reassures Gary that he was drunk and deeply regrets his behaviour.

Later, David returns home and begs his wife for forgiveness, but she announces that she is leaving him. 

The next day, a downcast David admits to Gail that Shona’s left him, while Maria desperately tries to reassure her that the drunken pass meant nothing. 

Will it be enough to persuade Shona to give David another chance?

Elsewhere, Daisy Midgeley’s horrific stalking ordeal will tip her over the edge, throwing her wedding into jeopardy.

The brunette beauty has been stalked by a deranged follower named Justin, who is convinced that they are engaged and even threatened that she needs to break up with her boyfriend Daniel Osborne so they can be together.

In the upcoming episodes, Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) finally switches her phone back on after attempting to avoid Justin’s harassment, and is immediately bombarded with a string of text messages from him.

As Daisy dissolves into tears in Daniel’s arms, the groom-to-be scrolls through Justin’s messages and decides that they need to go to the police.

Storyline: Elsewhere, Daisy Midgeley’s horrific stalking ordeal will tip her over the edge, throwing her wedding into jeopardy 

You did what? In upcoming scenes, a terrified Daisy lashes out and punches Justin, and he reports her to the police for assault

Next episode… Will Justin’s torment ruin Daisy and Daniel’s big day?

Daisy shows PC Scott (Andrew Roberts-Palmer) the recent texts from Justin, but he immediately plays it down.

Returning home, Daisy is horrified to see that PC Scott has liked all her holiday snaps on her social media profile, sparking doubt over his loyalties.

Later, Daniel (Rob Mallard) suggests that he and Daisy should postpone their wedding until Justin (Andrew Still) has been dealt with.

Daisy then sees Justin carrying a bunch of flowers on Victoria Street and she storms over, hurls the bouquet on the pavement and stamps on it.

As Justin places a calming hand on her arm, Daisy sees red and punches him, witnessed by a shocked George (Tony Maudsley). 

Justin then reveals his mum has just died and he was visiting George to sort the arrangements.

As Daisy bursts into tears on Daniel’s shoulder once again, PC Jess invites Daisy to the station, revealing that Justin has accused her of assault.

Will Justin’s torment ruin Daisy and Daniel’s big day?

SPOILER: Spider Nugent will come face to face with extremist Griff Reynolds on Coronation Street next week, as he uncovers a huge conspiracy

Who is it? In the upcoming scenes, the detective visits the criminal in prison in the hope of finding out where his funding came from, and finally learns the identity of their benefactor 

Also next week, Spider Nugent will come face to face with far right extremist Griff Reynolds as he uncovers a huge conspiracy that will send shockwaves through Weatherfield.

Spider will visit Griff in prison in the hope of finding out who has been secretly funding his activities.

He vows to ensure Griff gets a reduced sentence if he gives up the name of the group’s benefactor.

Meanwhile Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) is stunned when councillor Len does a U-turn and reveals that he will fund the refugee centre, though she is irked when he invites press to photograph the moment he hands over the chque.

Spider is stunned as Griff finally reveals who has been funding the extremist’s actions, and immediately rushes off to expose the culprit.

As Len (Mark Murphy) is proudly photographed handing Maria his cheque to fund the centre, Spider and his colleague screech up in a car wearing stab vests.

Who is the mysterious benefactor?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and ITVX. 


SPOILER: Denise Fox will finally give into temptation on EastEnders next week, as she shares a passionate kiss with Ravi Gulati 

Denise Fox gives into temptation yet again next week, as she shares a passionate kiss with Ravi Gulati.

For weeks Denise (Diane Parish) has been fighting Ravi’s advances, but in the upcoming scenes she will finally give into her lust.

While joining a distracted Jack (Scott Maslen) for a drink at The Vic, Ravi (Aaron Thiara) enters, catching Denise’s eye, and she kisses her husband to prove to point to Ravi.

Jack leaves due to early work commitments and a drunk Denise makes a move on Ravi, but he turns her down insisting he will not take advantage of her in that state.

A furious Denise lashes out, forcing Ravi to leave, and she later seeks advice from Sharon as she seeks to validate her feelings.  

The next day, Denise rushes to meet Jack before he leaves for his work conference, and kisses him outside No.27 in eyeshot of Ravi. 

Steamy! After struggling to resist the hunk’s advances in a bid to stay loyal to husband Jack, Denise finally agrees to spend the night with him at a hotel

Kim is on the hunt for a Walford man to take part in her livestream event, and Ravi initially puts himself forward in order to get closer to Denise.

At Fox & Hair Denise is flustered in Ravi’s presence and after some harsh words a guilty Ravi decides to withdraw from Kim’s event. 

Later, Ravi heads to No.27 to patch things up with Denise and he asks her to spend the following night with him at a hotel, but still she is reluctant.

Finally, after unsuccessfully avoiding Ravi, the pair share a passionate kiss in the alleyway of The Vic and Denise agrees to meet him later at the hotel.

Will the truth come out?

Drama! Linda Carter’s world is set to be rocked by yet another shock on EastEnders next week, as the ladies of Albert Square settle into the Queen Vic for a lock-in

Linda Carter’s world is set to be rocked by yet another shock, as the ladies of Albert Square settle into the Queen Vic for a lock-in.

The pub landlady has continued to struggle after her beloved partner Mick was lost at sea in December, and in upcoming scenes she gets another surprise from absent mother-in-law Shirley.

A recent trailer offered intriguing hints at big events ahead that will shake up the lives and upend the worlds of some of Walford’s biggest characters.

In the upcoming episodes, Linda’s world is rocked when she receives a photo of Shirley (Linda Henry) and Dean (Matt Di Angelo) from Carly Wicks (Kellie Shirley). 

Shirley left Walford after being left devastated by Mick’s disappearance, and no doubt her reunion with Dean will stun Linda, as he raped her years earlier. 

Linda (Kellie Bright) retreats to the hallway and breaks down away from prying eyes but is spotted by Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) who tries to console her. 

Later on, the pair candidly discuss the struggles what they’ve both been through in the past. 

After an eventful evening, the ladies of Walford settle in to a lock in where they bond over their shared experiences, and moan about the men in their lives.

It soon becomes clear that in a flash, everything can change… 

And while Sharon seeks to support Linda after her bombshell news, she is also set to be left heartbroken, after her attempts to reignite their romance with ex Keanu Taylor end in tears.

As the week begins, Sharon and Keanu (Danny Walters) meet at The Vic and the pair share a passionate reunion in the bathroom following a conversation about their feelings. 

A flustered Sharon and Keanu return to the bar and are greeted by sarcastic comments from Denise (Diane Parish), leading other punters to realise what they’ve been up to.

Their happiness is short-lived when Linda (Kellie Bright) interrupts and reveals that she has received a counter offer from Nish (Navin Chowdhry) and Suki (Balvinder Sopal) for Mick’s half of The Vic. 

Enraged by their deceit, Sharon confronts Nish and Suki, and she is devastated further when Keanu gets a voice note from Sam (Kim Medcalf).

Heartbroken by Keanu’s actions, and angry at herself for letting her guard down, Sharon banishes Keanu, who reluctantly leaves The Vic devastated that he may have blown his chances with her. 

Steamy! While Sharon seeks to support Linda after her bombshell news, she is also set to be left heartbroken, after her attempts to reignite their romance with ex Keanu Taylor end in tears

Racy! In upcoming scenes, Sharon enjoys a passionate reunion with her former flame, before being left furious by a shocking betrayal

The next day, an upset Keanu bumps into Sharon in the café, and is taken aback when she unleashes some home truths. 

Keanu is later accosted by Kim (Tameka Empson) on his first doorman shift at Peggy’s to take part in her livestream. 

After some persuasion, Keanu steps in to save the day and is a huge success until a shocked Sam arrives… though her reaction remains to be seen.

After a chat with Kat (Jessie Wallace), Sharon calls Keanu to reveal that she still loves him… but will he answer the phone?

It seems not, as the next day Keanu finally gets the message from Sharon, and the pair put aside their differences and agree to a date.

Will it end in heartbreak? 

EastEnders airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One and iPlayer. 


SPOILER: The grand opening of Bernice Blackstock and Bob Hope’s B&B will be thrown into chaos on Emmerdale next week, after they are accused of having an affair

The grand opening of Bernice Blackstock and Bob Hope’s B&B will be thrown into chaos on Emmerdale next week, after they are accused of having an affair.

In hilarious scenes the pair’s glitzy launch turns into a circus after Bernice sleeps with the harpist… only for him to turn up dead hours later.

In the upcoming episodes, Bob (Tony Audenshaw) and Bernice (Samantha Giles) finalise plans for the opening night of the B&B, after beating Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) and Jimmy King (Nick Miles) to buy the property from Eric Pollard.

Bob is deflated when Bernice confirms a harpist who she clearly fancies will be their act for the opening night of the B&B. 

And it’s not the only drama for Bob, as his teenage daughter Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) also has a frustrated outburst, and is furious when her father suggests she stay elsewhere for the opening.

The next day, Cathy accidentally destroys the cake Marlon (Mark Charnock) has just brought over and feeling humiliated, she flees in tears.

Bob is left utterly frazzled by the turn of events as Bernice tries to calm Cathy, offering her an amethyst pendant to cope with her stress.

When Cathy attempts to apologise to Bob she loses her temper when he admits he’d rather she kept away from the B&B, and furiously stamps on the amethyst pendant and crushes it.

Descending into confused tears, Cathy can’t understand why she’s feeling like this.

Things are set to go from bad to worse for Bob, as the B&B’s grand re-opening arrives, with Bernice awakening blissfully in the bedroom after a steamy night with Tim the harpist.

Oops! The pair’s glitzy launch turns into a circus after Bernice sleeps with the harpist, sparking the affair claims, which leads Bob’s furious partner Wendy to give him a soaking

Drama! That afternoon, in the B&B, Bob and Bernice anxiously await their first customers, as defensive Bernice covers for Tim the harpist’s no-show

When she realises she’s seriously overslept, she’s panicked into action and unkempt Bernice covers for her absence with an exasperated Bob. 

That afternoon, in the B&B, Bob and Bernice anxiously await their first customers, as defensive Bernice covers for Tim the harpist’s no-show. 

As the guests for the re-opening arrive, Bernice revels in her role as hostess but she’s floored when Bob tells her that he’s found Tim the harpist dead..

Later, Wendy (Susan Cookson) mis-hears a conversation between Bob and Bernice and believes the two have slept together, leaving her utterly devastated by the news. 

Bob is horrified when he knocks on Wendy’s door and she accuses him of having an affair with Bernice, and proceeds to dump ice cold water all over him from an upstairs window. 

Bernice is bemused when a soaking wet Bob arrives at the B&B, and is outraged by the suggestion that they could be having an affair.

Believing Wendy might be going through the menopause, she’s quick to form a plan to intervene as a worried looking Cathy turns up to speak to Bob.

SPOILER: Gabby Thomas’ relentless attempts to pursue a romance with her nanny Nicky will backfire in next week’s Emmerdale, when he dramatically quits

Can Cathy open up to her father about her struggles? And will Bernice convince Wendy that Bob hasn’t cheated?

Gabby Thomas’ relentless attempts to pursue a romance with her nanny Nicky will backfire, when he dramatically quits.

In the coming episodes, Gabby (Rosie Bentham) becomes frustrated when her advances towards Nicky (Lewis Cope) keep getting brushed off. 

She finally ignites a spark with Nicky when she asks him to zip up her dress, sparking a brief moment between them.

Knowing his eyes are all over her, Gabby is pleased to finally be getting somewhere.

Realising her position as his boss is making him reluctant to start something with her, Nicky’s unimpressed when Gabby temporarily fires him so they can have their fun. 

The mother is then left floundering when Nicky sensationally quits his job instead, leaving her without someone to look after Thomas.

Will Nicky be convinced to come back?

And there could be tragedy on the cards in the village, as Eric Pollard’s life hangs in the balance as he desperately pursues a cash-strapped Sam Dingle after he tries to rob him.

This comes as Sam’s son Samson also takes a dark new turn by blackmailing Noah Dingle for thousands of pounds from Esther’s trust fund, vowing to leave the child, and her mother Amelia, alone if the money is paid.  

SPOILER: Eric Pollard’s life will hang in the balance on Emmerdale next week, as he desperately pursues a cash-strapped Sam Dingle after he tries to rob him

In the upcoming episodes, Samson (Sam Hall) continues to sow discontent between Noah (Jack Downham) and Amelia (Daisy Campbell) despite previously denouncing any relationship with his daughter Esther.

Dan (Liam Fox) struggles with not being able to support his family financially, whilst Noah reels after hearing he’s lost his apprenticeship now Marcus has left the village.

When Noah rushes off to meet a potential new employer, Amelia desperately searches for someone to look after Esther, and Samson conveniently steps in to help.

Noah is riled to learn that Samson has been looking after Esther, and remains suspicious of his cousin’s intentions.

Meanwhile, Sam (James Hooton) admits that he wants to provide more for his granddaughter financially, but is unable to due to the family’s current money woes.

Samson toys with Noah as he seeks to worm his way into Amelia’s good books, and the teen is stunned when his cousin manipulates him into offering a payoff from his trust fund to keep away from Esther. 

It’s no surprise then that Samson is thrilled when Noah agrees to a payout, offering him £2,000 to keep away from Amelia and Esther. 

Later, Sam moots the idea to Cain (Jeff Hordley) of giving Dan a pay rise to help with paying for Esther but Cain resists, and he suggests that as a Dingle, he needs to think outside the box. 

Drama! Tension continues to grow between Samson and Noah Dingle over baby Esther, with the teen suggesting that for £2,000, he will leave his daughter, and Amelia, alone

In the shop, Sam tries to distract Pollard while he steals baby stuff for Esther, but he’s confronted and, panicking, flees the scene. 

On Main Street, whilst in hot pursuit of fleeing Sam, Pollard (Chris Chittell) trips and hits his head. 

Looking down in horror at an unconscious Pollard, Sam worries about what he’s done…

Will Eric be OK after his nasty fall? 

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX. 

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