‘We won Love Island but we won’t be rushing to get a house’, reveal Jess and Sammy

Jess Harding and Sammy Root are over the moon after being crowned the winners of Love Island 2023 – but say they’re not rushing to move in together.

The couple beat out runners up Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki in a nail biting live final – which saw host Maya Jama unable to play back their best bits back in an awkward tech gaffe.

Jess and Sammy are now looking forward to their future on the outside, and say winning feels “amazing.”

“I feel like it was a close call and everyone did so well,” Jess said, before saying that she's feeling both "happy" and "overwhelmed."

“When we were stood up there we looked at everyone and thought they were all worthy to win. It was hard to work it out. When our names were called it was a shock to the system, but a nice shock,” Sammy added. “It’s been a very very long journey and I’ve enjoyed every step of the way, the best two months of my life. It’s exciting for us to crack on on the outside.”

The couple also said they had an instant connection when Sammy entered the villa as a bombshell and picked Jess as one of his first three dates.

“We said the whole time there was an instant spark there on the hot tub date,” Sammy says, while Jess explains that she just knew there was an “instant connection” between the pair.

However, they both say they’re happy to keep dating and having fun, and aren’t looking to rush into anything just yet.

“t’s just a case of having had an intense two months we don’t want to rush anything. We want to do some travelling, have some fun together and take things as they come. We’re not going to rush anything, we’re very secure with each other,” Sammy said.

Jess added that they’re keen to take a trip to “Far East Asia” and that they’re “not in a rush to get a house” as they’re both only 22 and their only plan right now is to “see the world.”

They also revealed that they have “no regrets” when it comes to their time in the villa.

“There are situations I could have handled better, that I look back on and I’m sure that’s the same for Sammy. ” Jess said.

Sammy agreed: “Certain situations could have been better, but we were in a different environment and learning how to handle things in that environment.”

They both agreed that their favourite moment in the villa was when they became boyfriend and girlfriend, but Sammy cheekily added: “also the strip tease was fun, I enjoyed that.”

The couple also opened up about their friendships in the villa, with Sammy calling third place runner up Tyrique Hyde his “best mate” in the villa, while Jess described Whitney Adebayo, Catherine Agbaje and Ella Thomas “my girls.”

Jess and Sammy say they’ll always be “grateful” for their experience on the show and that it helped them both mature.

“I have matured and dealt with arguments,” Jess explained: “And trusting the process, realising if it’s meant to be it will be. Don’t chase a man, you have to trust in things.”

Sammy says his time on the show “made me a man” and confessed that he “came in immature and wanted to mess about and have laugh” before forging a genuine connection with Jess.

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