Watch Oliva Holt Go Head-to-Head with Her #1 Superfan

If there’s anybody that knows you better than yourself, it’s definitely gonna be your superfan. And before you think any further—we all have superfans! Whether it be our parents, friends, our third grade teacher—I promise you that you’ve got someone who is always in your corner.

But in this case, celeb Olivia Holt’s number one supporter is Cosmo‘s very own Sam Feher—a legit, total fangirl of Olivia’s. In our series Beat Your Superfan, we had Olivia and Sam compete against each other to see who knew Olivia best by giving them questions about her life and career. The person who answers correctly first gets a point! I got money on Sam!! 👀

First question: What was Olivia’s debut single? They both actually smashed their button pretty fast, but it ultimately went to Olivia. She looked…very stressed and almost couldn’t think of her most recent song. It was concerning. For the next round, Sam was able to finish Olivia’s lyrics to her own song before she even could. This is the entertainment we love to see, y’all!

Waaait, who won though?? Does Sam know Olivia better than Olivia? Watch the rest to find out! Make sure to listen to Olivia’s EP “Love U Again,” out now and keep your eyes out for her new television series, Cruel Summer, produced by Jessica Biel and only on Freeform.

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