Una Healy Calls Three-Way Relationship With Ex David Haye the ‘Worst Six Months’ of Her Life

The Saturdays singer was bombarded with awful abuse online after she entered a three-way relationship with former boxer and his girlfriend Sian Osborne.

AceShowbizUna Healy has experienced the “worst six months” of her life because of the attention her so-called throuple with David Haye attracted. The former singer of The Saturdays was under scrutiny over her personal life when she was dating the boxer, who was also in a relationship with Sian Osborne, and she admitted she’s been deluged with “horrific” online abuse over the unconventional situation.

“It’s been the worst six months of my life you know. I just want it to be over and put it all behind me. I really thought it would fade away but it’s gone on so long and it’s still going. I’m hoping now, that by speaking about it, a line can be drawn and it can finally be over….,” Una – who has two children with ex-husband Ben Foden – told Ireland’s Sunday Times newspaper.

“I feel like I can’t escape from it. It won’t go away. There were only ever two photos of us together and I haven’t seen him since January but it just goes on and on. I was literally just living my normal life down in Thurles but there was this whole other existence that the tabloids were pushing, one of me in this relationship that wasn’t real.”

“It has been relentless, and it was really upsetting. I constantly have this horrible gut feeling all the time. I haven’t committed a crime, I haven’t killed anyone but the abuse online has been horrific.”

Una insisted there was never anything between her and Sian, and David was always honest about the fact he wasn’t looking for a monogamous relationship, and despite the attention surrounding their romance, she isn’t “embarrassed” by what happened.

She said, “I wasn’t and I’m still not embarrassed and I’ll stand over that. If they’re a bit embarrassed and blushing for me it’s because they’re just embarrassed about anything. Just grow up. Do you know what I mean? I can’t be like that. I’m not. I don’t regret anything.”

“Maybe they’re like, ‘What is she doing? I can’t believe she’d be seeing a fella that’s seeing people.’ Well, I was married to a fella that was unfaithful and I didn’t even know it. You know what I mean?”

The 41-year-old star wasn’t looking for a serious relationship when she met David online and she “enjoyed” their connection, but ultimately things were too “complicated” for her. She said, “I enjoyed my connection with him. He calls it a connection as well.”

“You can actually have some people come into your life and they’re like – they come in for, as I say, a reason, a season, but maybe not a lifetime. He was a season and I’ve learnt a lot from it as well, but I also learnt that I want to meet a monogamous man. He’s too complicated…”

“I met him last summer online and he told me he was single. He said that he just broke up with his girlfriend. We’re a similar age, both divorced and he’s got kids as well. I knew that he wasn’t going to be husband material, but I thought, I’ve been single for a while and I just want to have a bit of fun. I wasn’t looking for a husband.”

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