Twitter Slammed Kylie Jenner for Wearing This Leopard-Print Catsuit and Accused Her of Copying Rihanna

The Kardashians get a ton of heat for a lot of things. One of the biggest things they’ve been criticized for is their style and how they seem to copy other people with great style—Kim Kardashian was recently accused of copying Naomi Campbell and Khloé Kardashian was accused of copying Rihanna’s iconic CFDA naked crystal gown twice. And this time, Kylie Jenner is being criticized for copying the “Kiss It Better” singer/designer/actress/person whom I need to release a new album, like, yesterday.

To promote her new Kylie Cosmetics summer collection, Kylie snapped a pic in a $695 leopard-print catsuit by LaQuan Smith. Just a regular Wednesday in Calabasas, I guess!

It was hands down one of the best mirror selfies ever, but when people saw her post, a few noticed that Rihanna wore the same outfit before Kylie did. And when Page Six tweeted comparing the two, many accused Kylie of stealing RiRi’s style and brought up instances when they both wore similar outfits in the past.

BTW, here’s Rihanna in the catsuit back in early June:

@mssarahcatharinepaulson: “Who are you dating?⁣⁣” @badgalriri: “Google it.” The friends, former costars, and future karaoke partners get sort of personal on the cover of our Summer issue, on stands everywhere tomorrow. ⁣⁣ ⁣ Photographed by @blackpierreange. Styled by @melzy917. #Interview50 #GoogleIt

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And here’s Kylie in it yesterday:

hi, my summer collection launches tomorrow 😃😝 @kyliecosmetics

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And the comments go to the tune of, “So basically she wants to emulate RiRi so badly it’s beginning to get creepy,” “Rihanna miss trendsetter, why do people compete when they can’t compare?,” and “Rihanna wears the outfit, the outfit just seems to wear everyone else.”

A few others:

So Kim copies everything Naomi does & Kylie copies everything Rihanna does 🤢

Rihanna is Kylie’s biggest inspiration to copy. Get it honey.

It should’ve said Kylie Jenner copies Rihanna in sheer leopard cat suit

Kylie copies Rihanna *yet again* in a leopard catsuit.

Kylie copies Rihanna don’t you EVER forget that

Okay, in Kylie’s defense, a lot of these outfits that fans had pointed to as examples were also major trends at the time, so it could just be that they’re both very fashionable people who gravitate toward the same looks and shop at the same places or from the same designers. Oh, and Kim also wore a very similar look in March, but hers was an Alaïa.

Ultimately, there’s nothing wrong with taking a little inspiration from someone you idolize (if that’s even the case here!). Everyone does it! But when you do it, like, a lot…it’s a little sus, so that’s probably why people are coming for Kylie right now.

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