Trolls play sick Mother’s Day joke on Malin Andersson after tragic loss of baby

Malin Andersson opened up to fans about how hard she found Mother's Day with a string of heartbreaking posts on Sunday.

However, among floods of supportive messages praising her for being so "strong" after recently losing both her daughter Consy and her beloved mother, the Love Island star, 26, was horrified to discover a fake account pretending to be her late baby.

Sharing a screen-grab of the account, which is shockingly named @consy_andersson_alive, Malin wrote: "Wtf this is sick. ?????"

She added: "Please report. What the actual hell."

The private account claimed to be Malin's late daughter, who died at just one month old after being born seven weeks prematurely. It followed just 21 people people.

The bio read: "Miss me grandma x I'm baby consy my mother is @missmalinsarax.

"Sidney / Jack / Consy are dead alive".

It comes as she told fans she was "dying inside" in an emotional letter ahead of Mother's Day, and revealed she wasn't coping.

“I get asked a lot on how I cope with the day. To be honest, I don't really cope, I just live through the day waiting for it to turn midnight," she tragically confessed.

Malin added that it was down to her friends and keeping her busy and her "awesome" sister that she was not alone.

She also credited self help books and meditation to help her deal with her heartbreak, before going on to assure fans that she, and many others, identified with their grief.

The letter wasn't Malin's only tribute to her little one, as she also took to Instagram to honour her late daughter.

Sharing an old video of her baby strapped onto a hospital machine, as she filmed him adoringly, Malin wrote: "I would have been the best Mumma to you. I know so. Please check my stories for anyone feeling alone today."

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