Tina Knowles Lawson Explains Touching Origin of 'Corny Joke Time,' Then Tells Us a New One (Exclusive)

Tina shares the story behind the viral videos.

For three years now, Tina Knowles Lawson has been cracking us all up with "Corny Joke Time" on her Instagram page, a recurring series where she looks straight into the camera and drops some of the corniest jokes we’ve ever heard.

And now, she’s explaining where the idea came from.

"I came up because my brother passed a couple years ago and he used to always have a corny joke, every-time you saw him," she explained at BeautyCon in Los Angeles over the weekend.

"They were terrible, but you laughed anyway, he just made you feel good," she continued. "One day after he passed away, I said I’m gonna do a joke on Instagram and I thought I’d do it one time, but people’s reaction to it was so great, we just kept going with it."

In addition to putting a smile on our faces, Tina has even gotten Blue Ivy in on the action, and made daughter Beyonce audibly groan in embarrassment in the background on another clip.

So … how is Tina on the fly? Check out the video above to see her test her latest material on a photographer, before he shares a corny joke of his own.

And see more of her cracks below, leading with her daughter and granddaughter’s cameos.

Corny joke time with A special guest!!❤️

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My straight men are Blue and Beyonce ?❤️she cut the camera off on me?

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Decided the world could use a corny Joke to make us smile . Been a hell of a week ❤️❤️

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What is your house wearing???!

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Corny joke time!!

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