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‘This Is Us’ Star Melanie Liburd: There Are ‘Quite A Lot’ More Layers To Unravel With Zoe

This is just the beginning of Zoe’s story. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with ‘This Is Us’ star Melanie Liburd about what’s ahead for Zoe as well as getting answers about what happened to Jack and Nicky in Vietnam.

Zoe has quickly become a beloved character on This Is Us. Her relationship with Kevin has grown leaps and bounds over the course of season 3. Zoe has also joined Kevin on his journey to discovering answers about his father’s time in Vietnam. When they first arrived in Vietnam, Zoe opened up to Kevin for the first time, revealing she had been sexually abused by her father. This is just one of many layers of Zoe, according to Melanie Liburd. “I think she’s got a lot [of layers]. I think she’s got quite a lot,” Melanie told HollywoodLife at an NBC press brunch.

The season 3 fall finale airs Nov. 27. This is the episode where we’ll get answers about Jack and Nicky, but Melanie teased that we may not get all the answers. “I mean, some questions never get answered,” Melanie continued. “Something people go their whole life not knowing deep, dark secrets, and that’s what I enjoy so much about the show, in the way Dan [Fogelman] and the writers write. Not everything has a happy ending. There will always answers that are answered, and there will always be answers that are never answered, dark secrets, and hidden pasts, which is interesting and real.”

These answers may open up new questions as well. “I think every time you get answers, there are more questions needed to be asked, and it opens up another journey, another story,” Melanie added. As far as how fans will react to how Jack and Nicky’s Vietnam story fleshes, Melanie teased, “I think they’re gonna love it. I mean, it’s so interesting, and so, wow, so beautifully, beautifully written.” This Is Us season 3 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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