The Time 100 ‘most influential’ list is kind of dumb & full of shenanigans

Time Magazine dropped their Time 100 feature this week, and I’m just reminded of how I find this feature SO mediocre. The Person of the Year thing is a big deal and I’m always interested in seeing who Time Magazine highlights, but the Time 100 thing is just “let’s create a Buzzfeed list of who we think is cool.” And they get other famous people to talk about why those people are cool. The idea behind trying to quantify “influence” is always tricky and just my opinion, Time does a sh-tty job of it. Maybe I just think this year’s Time 100 is mediocre because wouldn’t you know, Taylor Swift got a cover. She really is releasing new music, you guys. And the press is lining up to help her shill and she barely has to lift a finger. Most of all, I’m mad at her hair on that cover. Good lord, how damaged is her hair these days? Snake needs a hot oil treatment or something.

Other covers: Gayle King, The Rock, Sandra Oh, Nancy Pelosi and Mohamed Salah. Other people on this year’s Time 100 list: Michelle Obama (with a piece written by Beyonce), Chrissy Teigen, LeBron James (written by Warren Buffet), Robert Mueller, Lady Gaga, Brie Larson, Ariana Grande, Naomi Osaka, Rami Malek, Jane Goodall (written by Leo DiCaprio), Khalid, Emilia Clarke, Chip and Joanna Gaines and more. You can see the full Time 100 package here.

Also: Time Magazine put Christine Blasey Ford on the list. They also put Brett Kavanaugh on the list. Poorly played.

— Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti) April 17, 2019

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— TIME (@TIME) April 17, 2019

Covers courtesy of Time Magazine.

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