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The Bachelor’s Ashley Iaconetti Comes Clean About Cheating On Ex-BF Kevin Wendt With Now-Fiancé Jared Haibon!

Not a great look here for Ashley Iaconetti!

The controversial and often-emotional alum of The Bachelor came clean on her podcast this week about the fact that, yes, she did cheat on then-boyfriend (and fellow Bachelor Nation member) Kevin Wendt with now-fiancé Jared Haibon.

If you watched the first episode of this new season of Bachelor In Paradise a couple days ago, you’ll remember that the accusations were brought up in Wendt’s introduction on the show — bringing this whoooooole controversy back to the surface.

Well, Ashley took to her podcast, The Ben & Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast, this week to clear the air about what was going on — and come clean about it all.

On the show she said, in part:

“I was dating Kevin like out in the real world for two weeks and Jared came out about his feelings and he kissed me in the airport. And we had mentioned this before — I admitted before I was dating Kevin when Jared kissed me. Whether you call that cheating that is up to you, by most definitions that is true. But, it was one of the moments of passion, one of those actions — he pulled me in, I kissed him back. I never kissed him again until Kevin and I broke up after my birthday on March 6.”


Iaconetti did share that she felt guilty about the kiss, at one point later on the podcast saying (below):

“When pulled me in the second time, I said was ‘I shouldn’t have done that.'”


Jared also spoke out about the incident, and about Kevin, this week — but he kept things much more focused on BiP and didn’t really jump into the fray on the “cheating” aspect of this controversy.

He told Us Weekly:

“I have nothing against him. He’s an ex of Ashley’s. I have exes. I wish him the best. Obviously it’s awkward watching an ex of her’s on Paradise, but that’s the world we live in, the world we chose to be a part of. I agree, I hope he finds somebody.”

Well there ya go.

What do U think, Perezcious readers — was Kevin right to bring up the whole scandal again on BiP, or did he do it just to gain sympathy for the new season?!

Is Ashley really owning up to her role in this cheating (yes, that’s the word to use!) scandal, or is she skirting responsibility?!

And for Jared — we get it, you were into her then as you are now, but should he have really kissed her (and kept kissing her!!!) if he knew there was something going down between her and Kevin???

Sooooo many questions…

Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below)!!

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