TALK OF THE TOWN: How Saddiq Khan visited a luxury spa

TALK OF THE TOWN: Manicured mayor Sadiq checks in for a spot of pampering and trades his suit for a fluffy dressing gown at a health farm

Sadiq Khan swapped his trademark dark suit for a fluffy dressing gown last week as he enjoyed a spot of pampering at health farm Champneys.

The Labour Mayor of London, 47, and his wife Saadiya took their two daughters to the Tring branch of the luxury spa chain.

Champneys is not the sort of place you normally find Labour politicians. In fact, you are more likely to spot celebrities there – Brad Pitt is a fan – and I’m afraid the visit won’t do Sadiq’s socialist credentials much good. Once a few facials and manicures are thrown in, I’d be surprised if he got much change out of £5,000.

According to one of my spies, if Sadiq was looking to slip under the radar, it didn’t work out too well: ‘All the guests were coming up to shake his hand.’

Sadiq Khan and his wife Saadiya took their two daughters to a luxury spa for a day out

The Champney’s Health Resort, pictured, can set you back  around £5,000 for a day

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