So, Kim and Pete Are "Super Serious" and Talking About Their Future Together, Apparently

PSA: In case the massive amounts of time they’ve been spending together, red carpet PDA, and adorable vacay IGs hadn’t already made it obvious, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship is serious.

Actually, according to an Entertainment Tonight source, it’s “super serious” and the pair are officially, definitely “in love.”

“They are talking about their plans going forward as a couple,” the ET source said, adding that Pete’s bond with Kim’s four kids has played a role in how fast their relationship has progressed. “Seeing him with her children has made her fall even harder for Pete. Kim and Pete are very invested in each other and feel closer than ever. They had an amazing time in Tahiti and can’t wait for what the future holds.”

By all accounts, Pete has expertly navigated his role when it comes to Kim’s kids (North, 9, Saint, 6, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 3, in case the Kardashian Kid Names center of your brain is overloaded at the moment).

Earlier this month, another ET source offered some insight into Kim’s approach to integrating Pete into any situations involving her kids and said that, while “Kim waited to introduce them,” she now “fully trusts Pete with them” and that Pete, for his part, “really cares about her family and kids” and “wants to be part of their lives.”

It sounds like the person who has struggled at all with Pete’s integration into the Kardashian fam has been Kim’s ex, Kanye West, who the ET sources have described as “very upset” about Pete spending time with his kids.

The more recent source said Ye is “still very much jealous of the situation and has a lot of animosity about their relationship” but that he’s starting to come around (or at least accept the situation).

“[Kanye] is also getting to a point where he feels like he has no other choice but to try and be understanding,” the source added. “He knows his words won’t change the course of Pete and Kim’s relationship and he has chosen to take a step back.”

tl;dr: Kim and Pete are super serious/100% in love. Pete has a great relationship with Kim’s kids, which Kanye is predictably not the most enthusiastic about, but is also trying to be chill about. So, overall, very good news in the world of Kim and we can all agree yay to that, right?

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