Snoop Dogg reveals the highest he's ever been was with Willie Nelson

Snoop Dogg, 51, reveals the highest he has ever been was during Amsterdam smoke session with Willie Nelson, 89: ‘This old motherf***er was outsmoking me’

Snoop Dogg, 51, revealed the highest he has ever been was when he with partying with 89-year-old country singer Willie Nelson in Amsterdam.

The Southern California native admitted he wanted to stop smoking but didn’t because he did not want to show ‘signs of weakness’ in front of Nelson.

The rapper relayed the story while on a new episode of the podcast Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gray.

Memory lane: Snoop Dogg revealed the highest he’s ever been was with Willie Nelson. He shared his comments on a new episode of the podcast Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gray. Seen on December 10 in LA

The hip-hop star — real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. — was prompted by the question: ‘What was the most stoned you’ve ever been in your whole life?’ 

He answered: ‘With Willie f****** Nelson. We was in Amsterdam on 4/20, and he was doing a concert out there.’

The Drop It Like It’s Hot hitmaker continued, ‘So, we went back to his hotel room, and we was playing dominoes.

‘Me and him were playing dominoes one-on-one. He whooping my a**, and I’m just getting higher and higher and higher.’

Flashback: The cannabis enthusiast, 51, recalled a smoke session in Amsterdam with the country music legend, 89

Snoop explained to the show’s hosts, ‘He just keep passing it to me, and I’m like, “This old mother****** outsmoking me.’

Broadus also recalled the story back in 2018 on an episode of The Howard Stern Show.

‘He beat my a** while smoking with me and passing a blunt, a bong, a joint,’ the multihyphenate shared.

‘I’m like, “Willie, there’s too much sh*t going on. I can’t think and do all this at the same time,”‘ the Super Bowl performer dished.

Taking their mutual love of marijuana beyond smoke sessions, Snoop Dogg and Willie have collaborated on weed-themed songs in the past.

The tunes My Medicine and Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die are a result of their shared passion for the plant and music.

Best buds: Nelson modeled a ‘smoke weed every day’ sweater gifted by Snoop Dogg in a photo shared to Twitter

Snoop has been famously outspoken about his cannabis intake, and even has a professional blunt roller.

Speaking on the Howard Stern Show in 2019 he explained about the position, ‘That’s his J.O.B. — his occupation. On his resume, it says, “What do you do? I’m a blunt roller. P-B-R, professional blunt roller.”‘

This past June he retweeted a post from the Twitter account Uber Facts that said: ‘Snoop Dogg employs a full-time blunt roller who makes between $40,000 and $50,000 a year.’

The rap artist commented, ‘Inflation. Their salary went up!!’

Old friends: The two stars appeared together on an episode of Late Night with David Letterman in 2011

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