Shahs Star MJ Says She Wished She Pushed Reza in Pool During Blow Up

She also dished on having no regrets for throwing a drink in her former BFF’s face.

Mercedes "MJ" Javid and Nema Vand banded together to point to who they believe is the real culprit behind MJ’s feud with Reza Farahan.

During a virtual episode of "Watch What Happens Live" on Friday, the "Shahs of Sunset" stars were grilled by host Andy Cohen to reveal who lit the match for the "beef" between the BFF’s of 30 years.

ICYMI, Reza exploded on MJ, saying, "Your uterus exploded cause you had ten abortions," referring to her difficult childbirth, as he believed she was the mastermind behind salacious rumors about his husband, including sexual harassment allegations. MJ’s husband, in turn, trashed Reza’s home, causing the reality star to obtain a restraining order and file a police report. And MJ was already beyond upset as Reza had not come to visit her or her newborn in the hospital.

"I think that Destiney is ultimately at fault here," Nema explained to Andy. "I think she pitted friend — I think she was involved in all of this. I think she pitted friends against each other."

"I don’t know how she escaped Reza’s wrath, I don’t understand," he added.

After Nema’s declaration, MJ let in be known how she really feels about her former gal pal.

"Destiney lied to you, Andy." MJ said pointing into the camera. "Multiple times," Nema chimed in.

MJ went on to explain that Destiney wasn’t telling the truth when she said Ali Ashouri was MJ’s friend, when in reality, according to MJ, Ali was closer with Destiney, even "spotting her eight grand so she could get ready to film the season."

Ali was the one who claimed Reza’s husband Adam was sending inappropriate and sexual text messages.

"So stop trying to pretend like he wasn’t there for you," MJ said of Destiney on WHHL. "Stop lying, Destiney."

Nema had his own take on Destiney, saying, "She cries, she lies. You know it."

"Too much," MJ added.

Andy also asked if MJ regretted accepting Nema’s invitation to the pool party, where her feud with Reza blew up.

"No, because mine and Nema’s heart was in the right place," she explained. "I’m thinking that there’s gonna be an awkward hug — like I got infuriated that he walked away. I was like, ‘I deserve better as a friend.’"

Andy then asked if she was sorry for letting her husband go to Reza’s house "knowing he wanted to beat Reza up," MJ said she absolutely did not condone those actions.

"I am very sorry that ever happened. I wish I could have prevented it," she explained. "Reza was not correct saying I sent [Tommy] there. That was completely out of my control."

As for having regrets about throwing her drink in Reza’s face, MJ stated, "No."

"I wish I had pushed him in the pool," she added, detailing why she still doesn’t understand how Reza didn’t "drop everything" and come visit her in the hospital while she was suffering from her childbirth.

In Friday’s episode of "The Shahs of Sunset," however, MJ and Reza made peace with each other.

"The fact that we said that we both lacked complete empathy for what the other person was going through is a big breakthrough," MJ said to Reza during a trip to Hawaii to celebrate Mike Shouhed’s girlfriend’s birthday.

Reza agreed, saying they will both take baby steps to repair their relationship.

Catch even more drama on the next "Shahs of Sunset" on Friday via Bravo.

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