Selma Blair gets restraining order against boyfriend

Selma Blair granted a restraining order against boyfriend after claiming he STRANGLED her in domestic abuse attack… where he called her a ‘f**king useless cripple’

  • Selma Blair alleges her ex boyfriend Ronald Carlson attacked her last month 
  • Blair, 49, – who battles multiple sclerosis – claims he called her a ‘useless cripple’
  • The Cruel Intentions star has been granted a restraining order against Carlson 
  • Alleged incident took place last month on Feb. 22 at her home in Los Angeles 
  • Carlson was arrested for felony domestic violence with corporal injuries
  • 15 days after the incident he filed for his own restraining order against Blair 
  • He has denied her claims that he attacked her 
  • Carlson alleges Blair got in his face and called his daughter a ‘f***ing loser’ 
  • Blair went public with her autoimmune disease diagnosis in October 2018 

Selma Blair has been granted a restraining order against her boyfriend after claiming he physically attacked her last month while she was at her home in Los Angeles. 

Blair alleges the incident occurred between herself and ex-boyfriend Ronald Carlson on Feb. 22 after they had recently ended their long-term relationship, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ.  

Following an argument, the Cruel Intentions star claims that Carlson , 52, lunged at her, jumped on top of her body and began to strangle her.

Carlson has denied the claims and has filed a petition for his own restraining order against the actress.  

In the legal docs, Blair – who battles multiple sclerosis – alleges that Carlson ‘strangled her, throttling her and shaking her head and shoulders aggressively’ while she was lying on her sofa. 

Claims: Selma Blair has been granted restraining order against boyfriend Ronald Carlson claiming he attacked her… after he was arrested on felony domestic violence charge

The report claims that Blair had been medicated at the time of the alleged attack due to her ongoing illness and told Carlson that she had not been feeling well. 

Carlson had reportedly arrived at Blair’s home to return a television set when he allegedly became violent and frustrated with her.  

She alleges he screamed at her, raging: ‘You f**ked up, you can’t do anything, you can’t love anybody, you’re f**king useless, you cripple.’ 

The Legally Blonde star alleges that he added: ‘I don’t f**king deserve this, I can do so much better than you.’

Blair further details the incident in legal docs, claiming that she stuck her fingers into his eyes and mouth, and Carlson responded by covering her face and mouth with his hands. 

She alleges at this point she lost consciousness as she was unable to breathe. 

Ordeal: Following an argument, Blair – who battles multiple sclerosis – claims that Carlson lunged at her, jumped on top of her body and began to strangle her (Pictured last year)

When police officers arrived at the scene and interviewed the actress, she claims her nose began to bleed heavily and she once again lost consciousness. 

Paramedics then decided to take Blair to a hospital to evaluate her condition, the report claims. 

Carlson was arrested for felony domestic violence with corporal injuries. 

Police officers are said to have obtained a five-day restraining order against Carlson following the attack.

The actress then obtained a temporary restraining order through her attorney. 

In response, Carlson filed a petition for his own restraining order against Blair, fifteen days after the incident. 

In happier times: In a January 2020 post the Cruel Intentions star praised her ex-boyfriend 

In his version of events, Carlson claims that he was at her home when she had asked him to sit with her. 

Carlson alleges that Blair became ‘angry and antagonistic’ when he declined to sit with her, and claims she got in his face and said, ‘Your daughter is a f***ing loser.’ 

Blair has a 10-year-old son, Arthur, who she shares with with ex Jason Bleick, while Carlson has a 12-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. 

Family man: Blair shared this picture of Carlson and his daughter in 2020 

Blair’s ex then claims that she swung at him and struck him in his eye and attacked with both arms. 

He alleges that Blair scratched him on the nose, eyes and cheeks. 

He has denied attacking her and says that he only reached for her out of defense. 

Carlson claims that her bloody nose is part of a long-term medical issue and provided a text message as proof. 

Per the report, Carlson’s petition for a restraining order has yet to be granted.  

Health battles: Selma – pictured above in 2019 – has been open about her struggle with multiple sclerosis

Blair went public with her autoimmune disease diagnosis in October 2018. 

In August last year after receiving stem cell treatment, Blair revealed that she was currently in remission. 

MS sufferers who undergo treatment will go through periods of relapses and remissions. 

The actress has been dealing with debilitating symptoms from the disease, including difficulty in speaking, and losing the ability to use her left leg fully, resulting in her using a cane to walk. 

Battle: Last year, Blair revealed she underwent an ‘aggressive’ course of chemotherapy to treat the disease and restart her immune system (pictured above in her documentary) 

In her recent documentary about her struggles, Blair said how an MS diagnosis can be ‘isolating’ but was determined to get through it for her son Arthur.

‘I was so burnt out. If there was an option to halt me, to rebalance after being hit so hard with that last flare, it’s absolutely for my son. I have no desire to leave him alone right now.’  

The Cruel Intentions star also praised the wealth of support she received from her friends and family.

‘People took great care of me. I never really like life. I do now – strange, huh?’ she went on. ‘Just because life’s so weird. I was so scared in life. To suddenly start to find an identity and a safety in me, to figure out boundaries, time management and energy. I’m having the time of my life.’

What is multiple sclerosis (MS) and what are the symptoms?

MS is a condition that can affect the brain and spinal cord, causing a wide range of potential symptoms, including problems with vision, arm or leg movement, sensation or balance. 

The immune system attacks the protective sheath (myelin) that covers nerve fibers and causes communication problems between your brain and the rest of your body.

It’s a lifelong condition that can sometimes cause serious disability, although it can occasionally be mild.

A study of the incidence of MS, developed in conjunction with Public Health England (PHE), estimates that 18% of total MS diagnoses in the UK are in people age 30 or under. This is compared to the previous estimate of only 12%.

There are 130,000 people living with MS in the UK and, in the last year alone, the charity estimates more than 1,250 people under 30 have been diagnosed. It is the most common progressive neurological condition in young people today.

When diagnosed with MS, no one can predict how the condition will affect you, how disabled you will become, or how quickly, and tens of thousands of people still have no treatment to help as their MS advances.

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