Sarah Hyland Goes Makeup Free While Recovering From Illness That Resulted In Hospitalization – Video

Sarah Hyland posted makeup-free videos on social media, recuperating after her recent hospitalization.e

While Sarah Hyland, 28, has been through plenty of rough patches with her health already, the star, who was back in the hospital on March 21, is back home after her most recent health scare. Sarah shared a few Instagram Stories from home on March 23, going completely makeup-free after having a high temperature of 104 degrees and catching pink eye.

“I’m still sick,” she said in her story, sounding a bit nasally and congested as well, but Sarah revealed she got her hair done which should mean she’s feeling a little bit better. “I just want to be better. I got my roots touched up yesterday. What’s happening?” Sarah also showed in her videos that she was “catching up on Will & Grace,” and excitedly shared her joy at seeing 31-year-old actor Ryan Pinkston on her television.

Sarah also shared a story of her radio host boyfriend Wells Adams, 34, resting on her, and she said, “Heaven is man, pup, @rupaulsdragrace.” It’s so sweet that Wells was making sure Sarah was getting the rest she needed – but it also looked like he was taking his own rest, as well!

Previously, Sarah had shared an update on her social media about her hospitalization. “When you stressed from having pink eye and a viral respiratory infection so yo #endo decides to kick down the door and say HELLO,” Sarah posted on her social media.

We’re glad that Sarah is getting the rest she needs after another stay in the hospital. The Modern Family actress certainly works hard, and she needs to make sure her health is a-okay before getting back to work! We hope Sarah feels better soon, and she watches all the RuPaul’s Drag Race and Will & Grace she needs – laughter is the best, medicine, they say!

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