Rubi Rose Baffles People With Her Take on Non-Blacks Saying the N-Word

In a clip that goes viral on Internet, the 24-year-old hip-hop artist sparks controversy with her opinion while discussing whether it’s okay for non-black people to say the racial slur.

AceShowbiz -A video featuring Rubi Rose has gone viral, but for a wrong reason. The “I Like” rapper sparked controversy with her opinion while discussing whether it’s okay for non-black people to say the N-word.

In the clip, Rubi could be seen questioning a man’s ethnicity. She guessed that he’s “Indian” or “Middle Eastern” or “light-skinned” because the person has curly hair. Baffled, the person then jokingly asked her whether or not he can say the N-word. Majority people on the chat gave a resounding “no,” but Rubi apparently didn’t think so.

“I’m personally okay with anybody saying it, as long as their intent isn’t to be rude,” the 24-year-old hip-hop artist explained. ” ‘Cause I’m sure you have a lot of black people on your channel, you like black music probably, so, as long as the person isn’t saying it with malicious intent, personally, ’cause I have Mexican homegirls and white homegirls who be saying it, I don’t care about other people.”

Her remarks, unsurprisingly, didn’t sit well with most people. “I would nevaaaaaaa!!! Tf ion care ! If your not black then you should never let it come out your mouth! Ion care if u talking bout the sky or a car or a dog it should never!!” musician William The Baddest wrote in a comment underneath The Neighboorhood Talk’s Instagram post about the matter.

“I woke up like dam Rubi really fine asf dawg like no woman has made me just think this in awhile and then she go and say this. Talk about heartbreak. DAM Rubi,” a disappointed fan wrote. “Bye sis. Y’all do not respect yourselves & it shows,” another person opined.

Someone also said, “My yt & Mexican friend WOULD NEVER! even singing the songs they know how to skip over…bye!” Meanwhile, an angry user commented, “GIRL BYE! NON-BLACK PPL DONT NEED TO BE SAYING THAT.”

The remarks arrived just days after the “For the Streets” artist was mocked for asking why white men won’t flirt with her. “Why don’t white or Asian guys ever flirt with me,” she asked on Twitter. Rubi was then heavily criticized by social media critics with many urging her to delete the post.

In response to the backlash, she detailed her dating history which seemingly prompted her to post the initial tweet. “I was on a date with a black guy, and he told me I was the first black girl he’d ever been with,” she revealed, before telling her followers that it was “our last date.”

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