Roman Kemp sparks debate as he asks how many times to reuse towel after showering

Roman Kemp has sparked a huge debate on Twitter by asking his followers how many times it’s acceptable to reuse a towel before putting it in the wash.

The Capital FM breakfast DJ split opinion on Monday night with his "genuine" question.

Some of the replies admitted they only wash their towels once a week, but others were horrified at the thought of re-using a towel at all.

The 30 year old wrote: “Genuine adult question…How often can you reuse a towel?”

Former Love Islander Chris Hughes replied: “A week at least…you’re clean by the time you use it. Just clean water being dried out and ready to reuse again.”

Another person agreed, writing: “The world is obsessed with being uber hygienic. I use one towel for the shower and one for my hair, dry them on the bathroom towel rail and wash them after a week.

“They don’t smell, they look clean and it’s only me that uses them and I trust me.”

It seems once a week is a popular habit, with another commenting: “I use one for a whole week, is that weird? I only get a new one in the middle of the week if the first one I was using gets some strange smell on it, which never happens, so…”

But others even say once a week is too frequent.

One person wrote: “This thread is wild. Every couple of weeks, or so. Same with sheets. We’re all still alive here.”

Somebody else commented: “Isn’t a towel a bit like fruit – you just know when it’s no good anymore?”

A third wrote: “In my humble opinion, until it starts to smell”.

Naturally, some were completely baffled with that response.

One person even went so far as to leave sick emojis and writing: “Nooo! I wash mine after every day’s use (after two uses – morning shower and before bed shower), and my bedding gets changed on Wednesday and Sunday. Same with clothes, I never wear anything twice.”

Another person also agreed, writing: “I use a clean towel every time I have a bath or shower, same for my kids. Downstairs bathroom towel gets washed three times a week.”

The DJs controversial tweet comes just a week after he chatted with Kate Middleton about the importance of ‘emotional support’ when raising children – adding: “Love goes a long way”.

Promoting her Shaping Us early years campaign, she told Roman about how raising young children is ‘tough’ and that her initiative is about supporting families to prioritise home life in a bid to raise children into a national of happy, healthy adults.


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