Roger Moore’s agony after ‘cruel’ family loss left his wife in tears

The Man With The Golden Gun: Trailer for 1974 James Bond film

The James Bond actor married his fourth wife Kristina Tholstrup, otherwise known as Kiki, in 2002, and the pair remained together up until his death in 2017 after his short but brave battle with cancer aged 89.

Prior to Roger Moore’s death, the actor addressed a loss that he branded “cruel” when his stepdaughter Christina died.

Before the couple tied the knot, the actor and his beloved wife enjoyed a longstanding friendship before they ever pursued a relationship.

The British actor was previously married to his third wife Luisa Mattioli and they shared three children together, Deborah Moore and her brothers Geoffrey and Christian Moore.

Deborah previously opened up about her friendship with her dad’s fourth wife’s children.

She had grown close with Kiki’s daughter Christina Knudsen, known as Flossie, who died of cancer in 2016, at the age of 47.

In the actor’s final book, Roger Moore À bientôt – which means See You Soon – he opened up about the couple’s devastating loss.

Sir Roger wrote: “Flossie was terribly brave and refused to give in.

“But the bastard cancer took her from us in July 2016. I never imagined anyone could cry as much as her mother.

“No parent should have to bury a child. It was the cruellest, most awful thing.”

Deborah said Flossie’s death took a “toll” on her dad as she opened up in a candid interview in 2017.

She told the Mirror: “That was tough. And that took its toll, too – it must have impacted on Dad.”

Weeks after Sir Roger completed his final manuscript, the actor sadly died after a battle with cancer.

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Sir Roger had recovered from prostate cancer in 1993 and was later treated after a spot was found on his liver.

The actor died from lung cancer in May 2017 at his home in Crans-Montana, Switzerland where his children and wife of 15 years Kiki were at his side.

Speaking about his wife, Sir Roger previously gushed: “I knew that this wonderful woman could make me live again and would bring the happiest years of my life.

“It’s a tranquil relationship and there are no arguments. I leave a life of bliss.”

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