Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna End Support War Over Dream & He’s Freed From Paying $20k A Month

Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna will split custody of Dream Kardashian 50/50 after reaching a final custody agreement!

The war is over! Rob Kardashian, 32, and Blac Chyna, 30, have come to a final custody agreement, and now he won’t have to pay any monthly child support to Chyna, which is a huge change, considering the fact that he’d previously been shelling out $20,000 each month to his ex before the current agreement was signed, sources told TMZ. In addition to sharing custody of their daughter Dream Kardashian, 2, equally, each parent will reportedly pay for Dream’s needs when she’s staying with them. Meanwhile, other expenses, for medical care and school for instance, will be divided equally between Rob and Dream as well.

Despite their roller coaster relationship and legal battles, Rob and Chyna have been keeping it civil in the past month. In fact, the two broke their silence and responded to reports about the status of their custody case, following Chyna’s alleged physical altercation with ex Kid Buu in Hawaii, on Feb. 26. “Angela and I are both actively co-parenting and there are no pending or active custody cases,” Rob tweeted. Then, Chyna chimed in, writing, “Robert and I only concern is what’s in the best interest of our daughter that we both equally love. Additionally, Robert is a wonderful father to our Dreamy!”

Chyna even wished Rob a happy birthday on Mar. 17, as her ex turned 32. In addition to writing, “Happy Birthday Rob,” on her Instagram story, she included three shamrock emojis (it was St. Patrick’s Day after all). Chyna’s well wishes came one day after Dream teamed up with Khloe Kardashian, 34, to throw her daddy a sweet St. Paddy’s Day-themed surprise birthday party on Mar. 16. “Dreamy Dream wanted to throw her daddy a special birthday party before she goes to see her mommy,” Khloe wrote on Instagram, before sharing cute photos of the party. “She got her cousins to celebrate.”

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