Richard E Grant dumbstruck as he’s mistaken for Hugh Laurie at airport

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Richard E Grant, 65, is currently touring Australia with his own one-man show, however, the South Australian winds have thrown a spanner in the works. While desperately trying to get to Canberra after his flight was cancelled, the star was mistaken for Hugh Laurie by an “old biddy” in the airport. 

Richard has a tightly-packed schedule as he continues on his Australian tour. 

The Persuasion star is set to appear in Canberra tonight, having already appeared in Adelaide on Monday, Sydney on Sunday, and Melbourne last Friday. 

However, high winds in South Australia has made flying difficult for many, and Richard very nearly missed his Adelaide show after having three of his flights cancelled. 

He luckily made it with barely hours to spare, but faced a similar issue on his way to Canberra. 

Taking to twitter on Tuesday, the actor said: “More cancelled and delayed flights due two southern Australian winds.

“Yo-yoing from Adelaide, back to Sydney, and now back again to Canberra.”

He shared the somewhat good news in a video, talking from his aeroplane seat. 

While fans were delighted to see he was on his way, the actor shared a hilarious tale in the caption. 

He wrote: “An old biddy just told me I look better in real life than on TV, knows where I live, then chugged back to say: ‘I though you were Hugh Laurie!’.”

The comments section erupted with countless fans assuring him that he looked nothing like Hugh Laurie. 

Others noted there are worse celebrities he could have been mistaken for, while one shared their own story of mistaken identity. 

They wrote: “My friend and I once stalked and mobbed a poor man at the Membury services because we thought he was Terry Pratchett.

“Turns out his name was Herbert and he was a retired maths teacher. Soz Herbie!”

American actress Irene Rubaum-Keller also revealed that the situation could be worse. 

She wrote: “I’ve had people tell me I look better in real life than on TV too only they knew it was actually me, which is kind of worse!”

An Aussie joked that Richard’s experience was “evidence” that they “don’t give special treatment to international icons”. 

One follower hilariously concluded: “The correct response is: ‘What a coincidence. I thought YOU were Hugh Laurie’.”

On Wednesday, the star updated his fans, showing himself running through Canberra at last before his show tonight. 

The actor said in the clip: “New shoes, new lease on life! I can finally run again, my calf injury seems to be on the mend.”

Richard had a far closer call on Monday while trying to get from Sydney to Adelaide in time for his show. 

He wrote on Twitter on Monday afternoon: “Relieved to have landed in Adelaide after three cancelled flights, just two hours before my show begins at Her Majesty’s Theatre this evening at 7.30pm!”

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