Revealed: Why Aubrey Plaza was REALLY so furious at SAG Awards

EXCLUSIVE: Insider reveals what REALLY made Aubrey Plaza lose her temper on-stage at the SAG Awards – after social media was left in uproar over her furious expressions

  • Aubrey, 38, lost her temper on-stage during White Lotus acceptance speech
  • has exclusively learned the reason for her reaction  
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Aubrey Plaza’s on-stage temper tantrum at the SAG Awards sparked a flurry of social media speculation last night over just what left her looking so furious – and now can exclusively reveal exactly what made her so ‘annoyed’.  

Although the 38-year-old White Lotus star has not publicly addressed the incident, a source close to Aubrey revealed that her irritated outburst was prompted by two different interactions on-stage. 

The first, the insider shared was a ‘direct result of her almost being elbowed in her face’ as she and her fellow female co-stars were shuffled to the back of the stage while several of the male cast members made acceptance speeches. 

And, the source added, that wasn’t the only incident to rile up the actress as she and her fellow White Lotus stars took to the stage to accept the award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series. 

The insider confirmed social media speculation that Aubrey’s flaring temper was further aggravated when her co-star Jon Gries warned her that her ‘boob was hanging out’ of her risque Michael Kors gown. 

Aubrey Plaza sparked a firestorm of speculation when she was seen looking visibly annoyed as she and her fellow White Lotus co-stars won a SAG Award on Sunday evening  

The 38-year-old actress was initially seen smiling when the cast went on stage to accept the award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series, however her expression soon changed  

A source close to the star revealed to that her ‘annoyed’ expression came as a result of two on-stage incidents – first when her co-star warned her ‘boob was hanging out’

‘There were a couple of different things going on in that moment,’ the insider told ‘First, she was told that her boob was hanging out which would cause any woman to be uncomfortable. 

‘Then she was almost elbowed in the face and her reaction was a direct result of that.’

Aubrey’s visibly-‘annoyed’ expression on-stage at the awards prompted a firestorm of social media reaction, with many viewers noticing that her first flash of anger occurred after Jon – who plays the husband of Jennifer Coolidge’s character in the show – leaned over to whisper something in her ear. 

The actress looked panicked for a second before looking down at her outfit and frantically adjusting the sequined ‘straps’ that criss-crossed over her chest. 

Then, as she was adjusting her gown, White Lotus actor F. Murray Abraham was giving a speech to the crowd, in which he sent a ‘prayer out to the earthquake victims of Syria and Turkey and a prayer for peace to Ukraine and Russia.’

When the crowd applauded, he shouted ‘Union Forever!’ And instead of clapping along with the cast, Aubrey was seen mouthing the word’s ‘Jesus Christ’ under her breath. 

Several viewers suggested that her outburst may have been directly linked to Abraham’s speech – however what many didn’t seem to spot was that she was nearly hit in the face by the elbow of one of her co-stars as they began embracing one another on-stage. 

Video from the awards ceremony shows the moment that Aubrey nearly received an elbow to the cheek when her co-star Meghann Fahy went to hug Michael Imperioli. 

Actor Jon Gries leaned over to whisper something in Aubrey’s ear, at which point she was seen grasping her hands to her chest, before frantically rearranging her Michael Kors gown  

‘There were a couple of different things going on in that moment,’ the insider said. ‘First, she was told that her boob was hanging out which would cause any woman to be uncomfortable’

Video from the awards ceremony shows the moment that Aubrey nearly received an elbow to the cheek when her co-star Meghann Fahy went to hug Michael Imperioli (seen)

At that point, she is seen leaning back and muttering ‘Jesus Christ’ under her breath. 

That,’s source insists, was what prompted her irritated reaction. 

‘Aubrey is extremely expressive, and she is also very sarcastic,’ the source added, insisting that her reactions had nothing to do with the cast or the show, saying: ‘She is very proud of her work on White Lotus.’ 

No doubt matters were not helped by the fact that both Aubrey and her co-star Jennifer, 61, were stuck at the back of the group of cast and crew who assembled on the stage to accept the award – despite the fact that both women received a slew of praise for their performance in the hit HBO show. 

When the speeches wrapped, Aubrey was one of the first to exit the stage and viewers were quick to call out her seemingly-odd behavior in a series of tweets.   

‘Why was Aubrey Plaza so mad to win for The White Lotus?’ one person questioned.



Bizarre: Her actions confused many fans on social media as they took to Twitter to discuss her mannerisms

Earlier in the evening Aubrey appeared confident and poised while working the red carpet in her gorgeous Michael Kors gown

Later in the evening Aubrey seemed to let go of her anger as she celebrated the amazing win 

Aubrey clearly didn’t let the elbow and wardrobe malfunction stop her for having fun at the show 

Another then pointed out that the actress ‘even exited the stage quick and alone rather than staying with the cast,’ while a third chimed in: ‘She looked like she haaaaated being up there and immediately ran off stage while everyone in the cast was congratulating and hugging each other.’

Thankfully, Aubrey’s frown turned upside down after the show when she was pictured in great spirits while posing for photos with several members of the cast.

The White Lotus took home two prestigious SAG Awards and Jennifer – who played Tanya on season 2 of the HBO series – got emotional during her speech.  

First, Jennifer thanked the show’s creator, Mike White. She then thanked her parents for pushing her to pursue her dreams. 

The HBO series won the ensemble award over Better Call Saul, The Crown, Ozark, and Severance. 

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