‘Really hurts’ GMB’s Ben Shephard winces through pain of rehab as he shares surgery update

Ben Shephard provides surgery update as he returns to GMB

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Ben Shephard, 46, has been recovering from a traumatic knee injury over the past few weeks. The Good Morning Britain star has now given a new update as he revealed how his rehab “really hurts”.

Posting on his Instagram earlier today, Ben shared a new video of his rehab.

The star has been posting over the past few weeks as he stimulates the muscles in his legs.

Today was no different as he shared a post with his physio Mo.

In the short clip, his knee was being stimulated by electric pads as he tried to extend it straight.

The Tipping Point host can be heard wincing through pain as he said: “Back on the Compex, back with Mo.

“Trying to get that stimulation in my quad, it really, really hurts.”

Alongside the clip, he penned: “Trying to stimulate the quad – and force the knee to extend straight – Mo likes to hurt me.

“That final degree means I got the leg straight.

“Can’t believe the effort just to straighten the leg.”

Ben suffered a football injury a few months ago, which led to him having to have surgery on his leg.

During a match, the broadcaster tore his meniscus, ruptured his ACL and fractured his leg.

Earlier this month, Ben explained how he had a “long, slow” road to recovery ahead.

In an Instagram post, he penned: “For those who didn’t know I ruptured my ACL and tore my meniscus in my knee playing football.”

Ben then continued: “So they’ve repaired the ACL and the meniscus and now starts the rehab, the very slow, long rehab.”

Elsewhere, Ben returned to Good Morning Britain this week for the first time since his surgery.

Speaking about his recovery, he admitted how his wife was “struggling”.

He made the admission after thanking viewers for their lovely messages.

Ben said: “If it’s at all possible, could you send some of that love to my wife?

“Because she’s the one who’s really struggling.”

His co-star Susanna Reid then joked: “I know, let’s think of the real victim here.”

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