Queen honours Prince Philip with touching poem on death anniversary

The Queen has shared a touching tribute to her late husband Prince Philip to mark the first anniversary of his death.

The elegy, written by the Poet Laureate Simon Armitage, was posted to the royal family’s social media accounts on Saturday, a year after Philip, famously described by the Queen as her “constant strength and guide”, died peacefully in his sleep at their Windsor Castle home.

In the video, the poem – entitled The Patriarchs: An Elegy – is read by Armitage over piano music and a poignant video montage showing photographs of the duke’s life, including his wedding day and the birth of his children.

First published on the day of Philip’s funeral last year, the poem pays tribute to his distinguished career in the Royal Navy.

The montage of images goes through the life of The Duke of Edinburgh, who died last year at the age of 99, from his youth through to his Navy career and the important role he played as devoted husband to the Queen, 95, and father, grandfather and great grandfather to their large family.

The poem begins: “The weather in the window this morning is snow, unseasonal, singular flakes a slow winter’s final shiver.”

Prince Philip’s prestigious naval career is documented in the poem with many images of his time serving and the poem says: “Fought ingenious wars finagled triumphs at sea with flaming decoy boats and side-stepped torpedoes.”

The Queen and Philip’s long and successful marriage was documented in a series of photos from early black and white shots of the couple in their early days together and a selection to mark the birth of their four children and later grandchildren.

With a poignant photograph of the Queen and Philip in their later years looking at each other and smiling as if sharing a private joke, poet Simon reads: “What their secrets were was anyone’s guess and nobody’s business.”

One of the final shots included shows the Queen and Philip sat on a sofa surrounded by their much-loved great grandchildren.

The poem concluded: “Major oaks and the woods start tuning up and skies to come will deliver their tributes.

“But for now a cold April’s closing moment parachutes slowly home so by mid-afternoon snow is recast as seed heads and thistledown.”

With the first anniversary of Philip's passing is upon us, OK! revealed how the Queen will be spending the undoubtably emotional day.

Grant Harrold, who was P rince Charles' butler from 2004 to 2011, said: "I've no doubt she will spend the days reflecting."

He added: "For her, now losing Prince Philip and going into the 70 years on the throne and all the anniversaries – even though the Jubilee is a big party – I think for her it's going to be very reflective because she has lost the closest people to her.”

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