Piers Morgan’s son hits out at his vaccine claims ahead of ‘Freedom Day’

Andrew Neil comments on bringing Piers Morgan to GB News

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Piers Morgan, 57, found himself agreeing with his eldest son Spencer Morgan after he made what seemed to be a valid point about young people, the vaccine and Freedom Day on 19 July. It comes after the former Good Morning Britain host called for the Government not to extend the lockdown again for people who have had the jab, insisting the vaccinated should get their freedom back. Taking to his usual stomping ground Twitter, he shared his views on the situation with his 7.9million followers.

Sounds fair…

Spencer Morgan

He penned: “I’ve supported lockdowns as the only way to suppress covid without efficient testing systems or vaccines.

“But now we have both, fully vaccinated people should get their freedom back again from July 19.”

His post received mixed reviews, with many agreeing with him while others who believed everyone should go back to normal regardless of whether they’re vaccinated or not.

Among those who opposed his view was Spencer, who offered up a counter-argument to his point.

He wrote: “But the young physically can’t for many more months.

“So the ones they’ve sacrificed 15 months of their lives to protect get to do what they want while they continue to suffer from a virus that doesn’t pose a threat to them? Sounds fair.”

Piers and Spencer are the best of friends away from social media, but have been seen to disagree with each other online from time to time.

But now, it seemed, Piers understood the sacrifice younger people have made throughout the pandemic and saw things from his son’s point of view.

“Fair point,” he admitted.

“The Govt must dramatically scale up daily jab numbers to get the young vaccinated asap.”

Elsewhere away from the doom and gloom of Covid, Piers was left over the moon that he received loving responses from two of his Life Stories guests following the debut of the chat show’s best bits on Sunday night.

Sir Rod Stewart and Sir Keir Starmer reached out to the host to thank him, and the presenter couldn’t have been more grateful.

In his most recent Daily Mail column, the ITV star wrote about the reactions he had received, and noted Rod who was extremely happy to have been involved.

“‘Good manners,’ said Motörhead wildman Lemmy, ‘don’t cost nothing,'” the outspoken presenter began.

“I was reminded of this when I received messages from two knights of the realm involved with my Life Stories series.”

Piers continued: “Sir Rod Stewart appeared in Sunday’s 100th anniversary compilation of my favourite moments over the past 12 years, and emailed to say, ‘Piers, me old sausage, watched the 100, thanks for including me and I have to tell you, it’s one of the best bits of TV I’ve seen in a while, very touching, straight up, no messing about interviews.’

“‘Absolute masterpiece, congrats, Sir Rod.’”

Back to present day, his second most recent interviewee Sir Keir Starmer, also dropped him and the producer a message to say thanks.

“[Rod’s] generous reaction was matched by Sir Keir Starmer, who not only texted me before and after his show aired on Tuesday to convey his appreciation (‘I’m not the world’s best at talking about my background,’ he admitted, ‘so it was really important for me to do so. Huge thanks for having me on. Vic and I have been inundated with positive messages.’) but also took time to send my long-time producer Yvonne a very heartfelt note of gratitude for the ‘incredibly professional, calm and insightful’ way she and the whole Life Stories team handled the ‘private issues’ in his life,” Piers added.

“Most guests don’t bother with such courtesies, so when they do, it says a lot about them.”

Life Stories is available to watch on ITV Hub.

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