Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson display their scars from furious fight: ‘He struck me’

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire welcomes Piers Morgan

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan, 55, has reflected on the furious fights he had with Jeremy Clarkson, 60, while the duo reunited on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? last night. The stars, who were previously involved in a bitter feud, gave viewers an insight into their volatile friendship, as they revealed their scars from their physical attacks on one another. 

Due to the previous bad blood between the pair, Piers admitted feeling anxious to utilise the “Ask The Host” lifeline on the ITV quiz show.

It comes after the former Top Gear host and Piers brawled at a 2004 awards show.

The duo also reportedly clashed during a 2003 flight.

After getting stuck on a particularly tough question on the programme, Piers told Jeremy: “I can think of a million reasons why I shouldn’t trust you. 

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“Including this scar on my forehead.

“And there’s your broken finger… from when he struck me.”

In spite of his reservations about trusting Jeremy, Piers continued: ”I’m going to say the words I never thought I’d say… I trust you. 

“I believe you. At least this way if I’m wrong, it’s your fault.”


While Piers debated whether to rely on Jeremy’s help for the question, he pointed to the scar on his forehead.

Jeremy also held his deformed finger up to the cameras, displaying his injury.

The television personalities reportedly began to resolve their differences in 2014 by talking it out over drinks.

However, their reconciliation didn’t stop Millionaire host Jeremy from referencing their feud on the show.

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He told viewers: “This next contestant is someone with whom I’ve had a few disagreements over the years.

“But it is Christmas, so let’s put all that behind and play nicely as we welcome the simply awful human being that is Piers Morgan.”

As Piers made his way into the hot seat, Jeremy then joked: “I’m only reading what’s on the autocue, you should’ve seen what I wrote.”

The journalist previously addressed the pair’s brawls in his Daily Mail column back in 2014.

Piers wrote at the time while addressing their pub reunion: “For the first half an hour, it was excruciatingly awkward.

“When you’ve spent a decade publicly abusing, denigrating and brawling with someone, it’s quite hard to hit the STOP button and pretend like nothing’s happened.”

“We’re never going to be best friends, obviously. 

“Too much blood, literally, has been spilled,” he added.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is available on ITV Hub. 

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