Pi Day 2019: When & Where To Get Cheap Pizza & Pies To Celebrate

It’s time to celebrate Pi Day. The food holiday celebrating the mathematical constant is blessing us with so many amazing deals on pizza and pies. Restaurants are rolling out special $3.14 deals on tasty treats.

Pi Day is for all the math enthusiasts out there — or just pizza and pie lovers. Pi Day celebrates the mathematical constant, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The number goes on forever, but the first three numbers are 3.14. In honor of the food holiday, pizza and pie places are unveiling special deals. At Cici’s you can get an adult buffet for just $3.14 with the purchase of another adult buffet and a large drink. However, you’ll need to present a coupon to get the deal.

Over at Pizza Hut, large or pan three-topping pizzas are only $7.99 each when you order online and pick up at the store. If you order a whole pizza via 7Eleven’s 7NOW, it’ll just be $3.14. Uber Eats is also offering $3.14 off all pizzas from all &pizza locations available on the app. Bertucci’s is offering a special buy any one large pizza and get a large cheese or special pizza for just $3.14 using the code PIDAY online.

When it comes to Pi Day, you’re just not getting special deals on savory pizzas. Bojangles is giving away three sweet potato pies for just $3.14 on Pi Day. If you stop by Whole foods, you can get $3.14 off large bakery pies while supplies last. At California Pizza Kitchen, you can get a slice of key lime pie for just $3.14. This deal is only available in-store, though. There are plenty of places to celebrate 2019 Pi Day. The only other time you can get such special deals on pizza and pies is on National Pie Day (January 23) and National Pizza Day (February 9). However, you’re going to have to wait until 2020 for those food holidays to roll around again.

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