Peyton List’s New Song ‘Dance Til We Die’ Almost Wasn’t In ‘Anthem of a Teenage Prophet’

Peyton List just revealed that her song, “Dancing Til We Die”, almost wasn’t in her new movie, Anthem of a Teenage Prophet.

Talking with Yahoo about the flick, the 20-year-old shared that she initially didn’t want to have a song in the movie at all.

“[The filmmakers] just said, ‘OK, well, we know you sing, so why don’t you send a couple songs to us and we’ll potentially put them in the movie, and I was like, ‘No, no, we’re good,’” Peyton says.

But, they went around her and straight to her producer: “My producer sent a couple of the songs. And I had already recorded ‘Dance Til We Die.’ But they were right, it actually did fit the feeling of the movie.”

Peyton adds she was nervous to release the song with the movie.

“It’s funny,” she says, “with acting, I feel like I’m so confident and down for anything, but with music, I’m still so hesitant. I feel so vulnerable…”

If you missed it, listen to “Dance Til We Die” on JJJ now!

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