Peter Andre’s column: ‘Junior’s making 18th plans – I won’t be cramping his style’

Peter Andre has been celebrating his upcoming 50th birthday with his family in Dubai on a fun-filled vacation away from the UK.

But now he reveals the celebrations have moved on to his 17 year old son Junior, who has already been planning his 18th birthday. "He’s thinking about it already but I won’t be cramping his style," Pete, 49, told us in his exclusive column – only available to OK! VIPs. Read the full column to hear all about Pete's plans for the year as he opens up on the stigma around speaking about men’s health…

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Year we go…

Now that we’re back home, it’s going to be a very busy rest of the year. This year is a big milestone year for me. It’s about working hard and making it all happen. We’ve got the first five 30th-anniversary shows that you can find on I also have the honour of performing with the Philharmonic Orchestra at the Palladium in London to celebrate the King of Pop, Michael Jackson's music, I've got my wonderful children's book coming out in April, my lifestyle book, 'It's fine,' in June and my first feature film coming out in the summer, and to top it off, an album coming out later in the year – hopefully followed by a tour. It's all going on.

Liam said n00

Liam Neeson turned down a James Bond role to marry his wife after she told him, “If you’re playing James Bond, we’re not getting married.” Liam would have been a great 007! If my wife didn’t want me to do it, I would have a very hard time turning it down. But then again, I haven’t been offered it, so I have nothing to worry about, LOL.

A pint of Becks, son?

David Beckham had a celebratory pint with son Cruz for his first legal drink now that he’s 18. I think it’s cool when fathers and sons can have a drink together. David has a great relationship with his kids. Before your kids turn 18, you bring them up the best you can. But then, when they turn 18, you have to understand they are legally an adult. I’m not a drinker but when Junior turns 18, I’m sure he’ll have a party. He’s thinking about it already but I won’t be cramping his style.

Speaking out

Jordan Banjo has opened up about having a vasectomy. It’s a very brave and wonderful thing for people to speak up about personal situations like this. Good on him, it isn’t always an easy thing to do when you’re in the public eye and people have opinions on everything. There is always a stigma around speaking about men’s health in general, whether mental or physical, and talking about it on a platform will really help other men who are thinking about it.


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