Pedro Jimeno: Is His “Sister” Nicole Actually His Secret WIFE?

It’s no coincidence that Chantel and Pedro are the first-ever 90 Day Fiance couple to get their very own spin-off series. They’re full of drama.

But while their show is called The Family Chantel, Pedro’s smaller family can carry its own weight in drama and rumors.

A growing number of fans have come to believe that the Jimeno family isn’t what it seems. Is his “sister” Nicole really just his secret wife?

Nicole Jimeno is a beautiful young woman … beautiful on the outside, at least.

Her behavior tells a very different story.

She was one of the key elements of Pedro’s huge brawl with Chantel’s family in 2018.

And when Pedro visited the Dominican Republic, she seemed dead-set on causing him to stray with her friend, Coraima.

She is Chantel’s enemy and has made no secret of it.

Fans aren’t the only ones who have picked up on Nicole’s wildly unsubtle crusade to sabotage Pedro’s marriage to Chantel.

Chantel’s mother, Karen, who loves being on television, spoke on the subject.

“After having gone to the Dominican Republic and meeting Pedro’s mother and his sister,” Karen shared. “We have some new concerns.”

“We just find it quite strange that Pedro is sending the equivalent to your cost of living back to Lidia and Nicole,” she told Chantel.

Karen continued: “while they’re sitting over there asking for big-screen televisions.”

“So, we are concerned that your in-laws are taking advantage of Pedro through you,” Karen expressed to her daughter.

She suggested that they might be doing this “so that they can live their dreams.”

“My theory is that Pedro and Chantel were introduced for Pedro’s mother Lidia to take advantage of an American and the American dollar,” she posited.

Interestingly, Karen is not the only one to feel that way.

A friend of the Jimeno family, Obed, shared a similar theory with Chantel and with her parents.

Karen was so concerned that she hired a Private Investigator to look into whatever’s going on with the Jimeno family.

“He might have another family outside of his family in the Dominican Republic,” the PI suggested.

“Nicole seems to behave as if Pedro is her boyfriend,” Karen observed.

She certainly does act more like a vengeful ex or possessive girlfriend than any normal sister.

Karen expressed: “It makes me wonder what kind of relationship that is.”

A growing number of fans have latched on to this idea.

What if, they wonder, Nicole was never Pedro’s sister, but his girlfriend or wife.

What if Pedro’s relationship with Chantel was a prearranged scam … one that backfired when he fell in love with her?

A fan’s question got Nicole to address this theory herself.

“Why did everyone say you were Pedro’s wife?” a fan asked on Instagram.

“That’s something I do not understand,” Nicole replied. “People are very crazy and really, when those comments came up, I felt [it was] extremely wrong.”

The idea of Pedro’s mother and sister being full-on soap opera characters and using Pedro like a piece of meat to dangle in front of Americans is … well, it’s a lot.

The idea of Pedro’s sister not even being that stretches into absurd territory.

Nicole is perfectly capable of being a nightmarish relationship saboteur without having a secret alternate identity.

That said, if there is more to learn about The Family Pedro, we suspect that we’ll all be hearing it in the weeks and months to come.

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