Paul McCartney ‘annoyed’ at phone call from ‘groupie’ that was actually Michael Jackson

Paul McCartney on how 'Yesterday' came to him in a dream

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The Beatles star Sir Paul McCartney has told how he thought a “girl fan” had got hold of his phone number but was surprised to learn it was superstar Michael Jackson. The singer, 79, said he didn’t recognise the softly spoken voice on the other end of the phone and became annoyed, thinking that it was a “groupie” who had managed to get his number.

Suddenly it dawned on me

Paul McCartney

In an interview with Daily Star, the British hitmaker spoke of his shock at learning who he was speaking to.

Paul recalled: “Somebody rang me up, and this high voice I didn’t recognise said, ‘Hi, Paul.’

“I thought, ‘This is a girl fan, and how the hell did she get my number?’ I was quite annoyed,” he admitted.

The former Beatles member revealed who was actually on the other end of the phone.

He explained: “Then the voice said, ‘It’s Michael,’ and suddenly it dawned on me.

“It wasn’t a girl, it was Michael Jackson, and he basically said, ‘Do you want to make some hits?’”

Following the phone call, the duo went on to work together to write the 1983 hit, Say Say Say.

The song became Jackon’s best performing Hot 100 chart single and led the list for six weeks in December 1983.

Elsewhere, former Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan opened up about a time that The Beatles star had called him up to scold him.

Speaking on The Brett Lee podcast last month, spoke about having a scary phone call with Paul after meeting him for a few drinks earlier in his career.

Piers said: “I was walking to the pub in Canary Wharf. We had a story on page 7 (in The Sun) about Paul McCartney.

“He had a new girlfriend at the time called Heather Mills. It was the first relationship since (his wife) Linda had died. He actually met her at the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards.

“Paul sat next to me at the Pride of Britain Awards lunch.

“There’s a video of him looking at me and tapping me saying, ‘Who’s that?’ pointing at Heather.”

He then explained that the two later had a huge argument in a restaurant and it made tabloid news.

“I didn’t really give it any thought, but then as I was walking to the pub my phone went. It was Paul McCartney.”

He said that Paul didn’t deny that the story was “completely true” but asked Piers if he could “do him a favour” and remove the story.

The former Beatle said that he feared if “every time they had an argument and it was published in the paper” the relationship would not last.

Piers then said he asked himself whether he was “going to be human” to a man who had just lost his wife, or are you gonna be tough, hard-news editor.

The outspoken media personality then explained that he pulled the story, despite divisive views among editors.

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