OMG, David! Annie Murphy Choked on Bacon When She Found Out About Her Emmy Nod

In case you haven’t heard the splendiferous news, Schitt’s Creek has been nominated for a whopping 15 (!!!) Emmy awards this year, and Annie Murphy had a little bit of an Alexis Rose moment when she found out the good news. “I was sitting on the floor eating pancakes, and I’d just finished choking on a large piece of bacon,” Annie explained in a recent interview with Vulture while describing her reaction to being nominated for outstanding supporting Actress in a comedy series. “The bacon choking was post-finding out; it was a reactionary gasp.”

Annie was perfectly fine after the bacon incident and explained that the nomination caught her by surprise because she’s put so much love and hard work into the show over the years. “I’m very grateful to have been on a show and played a character that was all about love and kindness and inclusivity,” she said. “By the end of it all, at least, Alexis was all of those things. Especially during these times, those are incredibly important things that people are looking for. I’ll never stop being grateful for that.”

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