NWA Wrestler Jack Cartwheel Lands Awkwardly on Neck During Match

A pro wrestler landed awkwardly on his neck during a match this weekend — and to make matters worse, continued getting pummeled in the same area.

The athlete’s stage name is Jack Cartwheel, and he was competing in the National Wrestling Alliances’ NWA 75 event down in St. Louis on Sunday … where he was battling Colby Corino for the promotion’s World Junior Heavyweight Championship.

Everything seemed to be going just fine … that is, until Jack stood up on the ropes in an attempted body slam — which appears to have gone awry, based on the way he came down.

Ya gotta see the video, JC does what comes across like a back-half twist — something a gymnast might do — but he catches his feet on the turnbuckles and lands on his head and neck.

Jack appears stunned as he tries to get up from the mat, and his opponent then clotheslines his neck, and Jack again lands on his head.

Somehow, Jack’s able to continue the match … only for him to get driven into the mat again, landing once more on his neck and head.


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