Normal People's Paul Mescal enjoys daily stroll with co-star India Mullen

Normal People’s Paul Mescal looked as cool as anything as he enjoyed a stroll with his co-star India Mullen.

The stars of the hit drama enjoyed the sunshine as they took to the London streets to exercise in the glorious early summer weather.

Paul and India – who play Connell and Peggy in the hit BBC Three series – have been said to share a flat together, with Paul moving in back in March before lockdown started.

Muscular Paul, 24, donned loose-fitting workout clothes and shades for the outing, all the while puffing on a cigarette.

The combination of casual wear and a cigarette has sort of become the Irish star’s signature off-duty look in recent weeks.

India rocked similar clothes – a baggy vest and black shorts – while she walked alongside her co-star.

In the critically-acclaimed series, India plays Peggy, the best friend of Connell’s love interest Marianne while all three are at Trinity College.

Last week it was reported that the rising stars are living together.

‘Paul and India have a brilliant, flirty relationship, and are always laughing,’ an insider said.

‘They’ve grown incredibly close, and made the decision to live with each other.’

The source continued to The Sun: ‘They’re incredibly supportive of one another’s careers.’

Meanwhile, the actor has been trying to quit smoking, after picking it up the moment he quit his Gaelic football career.

‘Cigarettes are my unhealthy habit, I shouldn’t be smoking, but I enjoy doing it,’ he added to the publication.

‘When the sport stopped I realised I could drink and smoke until my heart’s content. I want to try and stop.’  

At least he’s combining exercises with his attempt at quitting cigarettes, right?

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