Nicki Minaj Laughs Off ‘Fake’ Assistant Allegedly Exposing Her

The ‘Do We Have a Problem’ raptress hops on Instagram Live to address the ‘dumb’ allegations from someone claiming to be her former assistant that she owes $173 million to IRS among other things.

AceShowbizNicki Minaj is amused by the recently-surfaced allegations against her. The Trinidadian-born star has spoken up after someone claiming to be her former assistant allegedly spilled some tea about her.

Laughing off the baseless claims, Nicki hopped on Instagram Live on Monday, August 1. She appeared to mock the rumors as she pretended to be crying and admitting to some of the allegations, before calling the allegations “dumb.”

“My assistant, y’all they went and told everybody that it is true I owe a hundred million dollars to IRS,” she said while someone was heard laughing in the background. She also jokingly admitted that her hairstylist Tae “is so uncomfortable around,” but ended up cracking up.

Getting straight to the point, she blasted the allegations as saying, “The tea sounds so f**king dumb. And for a person to believe it you would have to be dumb.” She added of the person who tried to expose her, “It’s clearly a kid. Do you know how much money you have to make to owe that amount of money to IRS?”

Believing that there’s a group of people who tries to take her down, the 39-year-old then told her haters, “I really need y’all to get a job. Investing yourself in your future.” She also expressed her gratitude to those who have been standing up for her, “To my fans, I love you dearly. To the blog that didn’t put up this nonsense, God bless you, thank you.”

The Internet went wild after someone who goes by @katemiller_7 on Instagram spilled some tea about Nicki in a series of Instagram Stories. “I am Onika ex assistant who she fired who for absolutely no proof of fraud with her bank account,” the first one read. “I’m exposing all files I have from working for her. Along with the voice messages she sent me regarding many different people not just Cardi B.”

The person tagged Nicki in the second Story, which read, “Let’s talk about you sending Robert Sammuels $75,000 for Freaky Girl ‘abundance’ on the charts. But you’re fans love dissing ‘payola’ You won’t sue and you know why. I have it all on video. For example, when Kenneth pushed you off that lodge. [Meek Mill] isn’t the only abuser.”

The person also accused Nicki of owing $173 to IRS, “I have your tax refunds from 2021. When are we gonna tell the barbz you’ve owed the IRS 173 million since 2016? renting homes is always the go to for the Minaj residence.”

Some allegations even got personal. “The things that your husband said to me when you weren’t around still gives me chills and as a woman I’m going to deal with that on my own time but you both are sick and meant for each other,” the person said.

The “fake” assistant also claimed that Nicki has refused to hire nannies simply because she doesn’t want people to find out what goes on in her house. Additionally, it was claimed that Nicki’s documentary is delayed because HBO Max got tired and terminated the contract they had with her, and not because of creative patience.

Between the grammatical errors and huge claims, many of Nicki’s fans think that the person doesn’t fit with the profile of a high-level assistant. “y’all it’s a teenager behind that page and I’m side eyeing anyone eating this stuff up. Also the grammar,” wrote one doubter on Twitter.

Others noticed the picture used for @katemiller_7, or Onika (which incidentally is the name of Nicki’s perfume), was also actually the picture of someone else entirely. “Y’all just spread lies on Nicki Minaj name for no reason. I googled that lady and she is a Senior Vice President of Vocal Content @ Republic,” pointed out another Twitter user.

Another, meanwhile, raised a different theory, “Okay. It’s obvious that the person exposing Nicki Minaj isn’t really her ex assistant BUT it’s someone close to her that’s doing it. So just because the page is fake, doesn’t mean the information they’re posting is.”

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