Newly Released College Admissions Scandal Emails Show Lori Loughlin & Mossimo Giannulli’s Alleged I

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli are well on their way to having THE day in court regarding the college admissions scandal.

If prosecutors have anything to say about it, though, it appears they’re going to put pressure on Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose‘s parents to no end — including a major document dump this week. In it, the feds publicly released nearly 500 records, including emails, purporting to show the true extent and nature of the embattled couple’s alleged involvement in the now-infamous college admissions scandal.

According to the email dump, an unnamed USC official was in contact with Giannulli as early as September 2016, apparently trying to court the fashion designer over potentially donating to his alma mater. Emailing Lori’s husband about a “check in” over the status of his potential assistance to the university, the official asked about whether Isabella Rose planned on “continuing with the admissions process at USC,” and wrote:

“Please let me know if I can be at all helpful in setting up a 1:1 opportunity for her, customized tour of campus for the family and/or a classroom visit. I’d also be happy to flag her application.”

Nothing like allowing the already-rich and well-connected to get ahead in life, ya know?! Jeez…

Now, the email’s release has prompted USC to come out and deny any wrongdoing. In a statement to The New York Times this week, the school fired back:

“What was being offered to the Giannullis was neither special nor unique. Tours, classroom visits and meetings are routinely offered. The primary purpose of a flag is to be able to track the outcome of the admission review process. It is not a substitute for otherwise being qualified for admission to USC.”

That may be true!

Giannulli pretty much turned down the offer to donate to the school, anyways, even going so far as to forward the entire email chain with the USC official to Lori, and adding (below):

“That’s the nicest I’ve ever been at blowing off somebody.”

Ha! Got a little sense of humor, doesn’t he?!

But other messages released in the data dump appear to be a little more damaging — both to the El Lay-area university and to the Fuller House star and her husband.

Another email shows that in August of 2016, a month before that USC official reached out to Mossimo, the scandal’s alleged ringleader William “Rick” Singer was apparently already doing his part on Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose’s behalf.

Writing to the fashion head honcho, Singer informed him of the status of his daughters’ applications — as well as the creation of a rowing portfolio, as you can read here:

“I met with USC today about . I need a PDF of her transcript and test scores while I create a coxswain portfolio for her. It would probably help to get a picture with her on an ERG in workout clothes like a real athlete too.”

Hmmm… that one seems a little more suspicious! Just saying!

Unmoved by the fake rowing profile and the set-up of photos while wearing “workout clothes like a real athlete,” Giannulli simply responded:

“Fantastic. Will get all.”

And again later, in another email confirming as much:

“Thanks so much, I think we are squared away.”

Well, well, well… seems pretty suspicious, to say the least, but we’re not federal prosecutors and this isn’t a court of law! Who knows what’s going to happen next!!!

As we all know by now, Isabella Rose was eventually admitted to USC, with younger sister (and fast-growing YouTube star) Olivia Jade quickly following in her footsteps the next year.

And as they say, the rest is history…

What do U think, Perezcious readers?? With all you’ve seen, does the government have a case here? Are Lori and Mossimo destined for prison, or will they walk away scot-free?

Sound OFF about the entire scandal and more in the comments (below)…

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