Naked And Afraid star's penis bitten by TICKS in brutal 'assault'

Horrified Naked and Afraid contestant Andrew Shayde discovers he has five ticks on his PENIS – days after medical team was forced to intervene when he found same parasite on his BUTTOCKS

  • Andrew, 42, woke up to find that his genitals had been swarmed by the blood-sucking parasite
  • He admitted he was ‘freaking out’ after counting five ticks on his penis
  • Medics were forced to step in after Andrew found parasites on his bottom 

One Naked and Afraid: Castaways contestant got more than he bargained for during Sunday night’s episode, when his penis was ravaged by ticks.

In the latest instalment of the Discovery program, which sees nude cast members tasked with surviving on a remote island, Andrew Shayde woke up to find that his manhood had been swarmed by the blood-sucking parasite.

Andrew, 42, tallied the number of ticks on his private parts as he recounted the ‘terrible full assault’ for the cameras in scenes that aired over the weekend.

‘I woke up this morning with five ticks on my little castaway,’ he said while pointing towards his nether region.

Naked and Afraid: Castaways star Andrew Shayde was horrified to discover that his genitals had been swarmed by ticks

Thorough check: The 42-year-old tallied counted five parasites on his private parts

‘Knowing my history with ticks in my past challenges… this is definitely freaking me out.’

Of course, Andrew has had more than his fair share of ticks feasting on his body, having recently discovered several nesting in his behind.

‘I have a butt tick,’ he announced in a previous episode. ‘Just because it’s somewhere where we can’t really get to, the medical team is going to get it out, so it doesn’t lead to infection.’

He was then seen writhing in pain while a member of the medical team checked him over and gently removed them.

Viewers were taken aback by the latest unfortunate scenario, with one fan commenting on Twitter: ‘Well at least they are able to laugh it off.’

‘I’d be scared af too,’ another said while a third worried: ‘That must be one of the most horrible bugs and they are dangerous as well fort the health. Did you get them all out in whole?’

According to Mayo Clinic, most tick bites are painless and cause only minor signs and symptoms, such as a change in skin color, swelling or a sore on the skin.

It is advised that if you have been bitten, you should remove the tick promptly and carefully using a fine-tipped forceps or tweezers to grasp it as close to the skin as possible.

Painful ordeal: Andrew described the scenario as a ‘terrible assault’ as he summarized the latest drama

Unfortunate: Andrew hasn’t had the best luck with ticks, with a medical expert forced to remove several from his behind in a recent episode

Unpleasant: Andrew counted five ticks nestled on his genitals during the latest episode of the Discovery show (stock image)

They say that the tick should be removed gently using a slow and steady upward motion.

One should avoid twisting or squeezing the tick and refrain from handling the parasite with bare hands.

A picture of the tick can help your health care provider identify what type it is and whether you are at risk of a transmitted disease, Mayo Clinic adds.

Fortunately, fellow Naked and Afraid contestant Patrick French has had much better luck when it comes to tick bites.

‘I just have them in between my legs,’ he announced to the group while checking his body over. ‘Luckily, they didn’t take the prime real estate.’

This season of Naked and Afraid: Castaways follows nine contestants as they try to survive three weeks on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean without tools.

Naked and Afraid Castaways airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel. 

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