Naga Munchetty: BBC Breakfast star calls out Harry Maguire’s ‘not nice’ slabhead nickname

Naga Munchetty says James Norton doesn't have a 'slabhead'

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Earlier today, BBC Breakfast star Naga Munchetty was left in fits of laughter during a conversation with actor James Norton. The pair went on to discuss Euro 2020 legend, Harry Maguire and the nickname he has received from fans.

It’s not a very nice name but it’s a name and it’s called slabhead

Naga Munchetty

During Thursday’s instalment of BBC Breakfast, actor James Norton appeared on the programme fronted by Naga, 46, and Charlie Stayt, 59.

James, 35, appeared on the show to discuss his recent work in the movie, Nowhere Special, which sees him take on the role of single dad John who is dying from brain cancer.

In the film, Belfast-born John is working alongside social services to secure adoptive parents for his four-year-old son, Michael, whose mother walked out when he was a baby.

However, while James may have been eager to discuss his latest cinematic masterpiece, Naga was keen to speak about his wishes to portray Harry Maguire in a footballing film.

Appearing via video link from his home in South East London, James said: “I’m not sure I’m the one to play a footballer.”

However, Naga interrupted, adding: “James, I read that you said you would play Harry Maguire,

“So the first thing I did, was look up a picture of you — again and look at your forehead.”

Discussing the centre-back, Naga continued: “Because, you know, he has a name because he heads the ball so well!”

The broadcaster continued: “It’s not a very nice name but it’s a name and it’s called slabhead.

“I don’t know if you thought that was one of the reasons? Because I don’t think you have a slabhead.”

Responding to Naga, James said: “What are you saying? Are you saying I have an ample forehead or not? Is my forehead good enough?”

“No, I’m saying you have a fine head of hair and to have an ample forehead, well lucky you!” exclaimed Naga.

Sheffield-born Harry, 28, has been affectionately dubbed “slabhead” by England fans over the years, with the chant being sung throughout the recent Euro 2020 games.

Following England’s landmark victory against Ukraine in the quarter-finals, fans were chanting his nickname as the national team landed a spot in the semi-final.

The term first came about during the 2018 World Cup when the nation fell in love with the dad-of-two.

However, it was Harry’s headed goal during the second half of the quarter-final that saw a BBC news reporter refer to him by his nickname.

During the broadcast from Rome, the journalist said: “The fans affectionally dub him ‘slabhead’ for his heading ability.

“Maguire cemented England’s lead.”

Harry’s former England and Leicester City teammate, Jamie Vardy, came up with the nickname referencing the size of Harry’s head.

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