My 600-lb Life Season 10 Premiere Date Announced!

My 600-lb Life is going through a bit of a rough patch lately.

A jarring number of the show’s stars seem to be either deceased, actively suing the show, or both.

Last season was fairly truncated  Is Season 10 even happening at all?

It is — and the premiere date is actually much sooner than expected.

My 600-lb Life is coming back for Seash 10.

The premiere date will be November 10 — that should be easy to remember.

This is actually the earliest that this series has ever returned from hiatus.

The news doesn’t come by way of rumor.

Instead, TLC announced the return date themselves.

They’re not sharing that many additional details, though.

“MY 600-LB LIFE follows the journeys of morbidly obese people as they fight to save their own lives,” TLC wrote in the release.

The release continued: “by making the courageous decision to undergo high-risk gastric bypass surgery.”

TLC went on: “Chronicling lifelong hardships with addiction and the inevitable impact their condition has on their closest relationships.”

TLC’s release added: “each episode gives an inside look at the extreme emotional and physical journeys each person must undergo.”

All of this is in order “to qualify for life-saving surgery with Dr. Nowzaradan.”

The release concluded: “Join the conversation using #My600lbLife. MY 600-LB LIFE is produced by Megalomedia for TLC.”

Well … that’s just an explanation of what the show is about.

Like, there it is, the concept, with no further details.

But since we know what the show is after nine whole season, Season 10 isn’t exactly a mystery.

Season 9 was actually the shortest season of My 600-lb Life in years — since 2016, specifically.

Remember, this was one of the shows that had to abruptly stop filming as the COVID-19 pandemic came to America.

Lockdowns meant that camera crews could not stay in people’s homes filming them.

With all of that in mind, Season 9 only had thirteen episodes.

Season 8 was longer than that, but still had only sixteen episodes.

What was surprising about that was that early press releases for 8 had suggested that there would be twenty.

As we mentioned, the show has had a rough go of it.

Some of the stars of the show have died.

Any successful series can see deaths without being responsible, but some of their loved ones don’t see it that way.

Specifically, the show has been sued by living stars, now-dead stars, and by the families of dead stars.

Their accusations, which we can neither confirm nor deny to be true, accuse the show of not providing adequate or promised support to stars.

Part of the deal of makeover shows usually involves a degree of healthcare, and this show is accused of cutting corners and breaking promises.

Additionally, the general vibe of the series has come under fire as the public becomes increasingly aware of, well, how the human body works.

Dramatic weight loss can make for a compelling story on TV, but the emotional and physical toll makes some question if it’s worth it.

There are cases, though we don’t know that anyone on the show falls under this category, where a fat person is healthier at their weight than under the strain of losing it.

There are also serious concerns about the tone of the show, as seen through editing choices.

Zooming in on the food eaten by the show’s stars feels voyeuristic, judgmental, and at times even cruel.

Perhaps when Season 10 premieres (not even two months from now), we’ll see improvements in these areas.

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